ireland immigration

Irish Emigration


Sean is emigrating from Ireland.


always close (2) prepare
leave village country (2)
decide see him off remote
west/western east/eastern south/southern
north/northern edge big city life
other side Atlantic
traditional magnet immigrants
start miss (2) even (2)
before love everything
soccer young lad
stay even if head
get ahead something happen
always train something happens
plumber welder unable
qualification instead farm
odd odd jobs often
welfare check (2) make ends meet
emigrate relatives already
parents never spend-spent (2)
donkey coast forget-forgot-forgotten
duck born mind
all the time want in the back of your mind
come back everyone sometime/someday
sometimes half make it
doubt no doubt bake
gather before after
departure reluctant frustrated
lack prospects despite
last year alone (2) left (3)
pop pop by neighbor
neighboring hair haircut
look (2) nice look nice
Yankee glad also
move brick bricklayer/mason
likewise unemployed employee
since school days sad
Christmas because one out of ten
number (2) already vacant
pupil already fall
due to low high
birth birthrate evening
remain pub often
proprietor plan emigrate
local buff current (2)
wave (3) seem whenever
please (2) hole boat
bail try recover
recession sign (3) resurgent
Celtic tiger former
boss massive downsize
used to staff operation (2)
enough myself really
pack modest pair
soccer jersey pair of pants
put up (2) cousin hope/hopefully
confident make it (2) earn
week weak wire (2)
consolation return at some point
future heart county





1. Sean has close family ties. True or false?

2. Is his father going to the airport with Sean? Why or why not?

3. What is Sean going to do?

4. He doesn’t like Ireland. Is this correct or wrong?

5. What are his qualifications?

6. Has Sean been working in his trade (profession)?

7. How does he often make ends meet?

8. What will Sean miss?

9. Have many Irish emigrated?

10. Sean spent his last day in Ireland alone. True or false?

11. Who are Martin and Lisa?

12. What does Sean’s former boss say (14, 2)?

13. Does Sean plan to be gone forever?

14. He packs lightly. Yes or no?

15. Where is he going? Why is he going there?

16. Boston has traditionally been a magnet for Irish immigrants. What does this mean?

17. Will he rent his own apartment?

18. Name ten things and seven activities from the video.
A. Is it easy or difficult to find work where you live?

B. The economy where I live is doing pretty well. Yes or no?

C. Have many people emigrated from or immigrated to your city?

D. I have moved (migrated) to another place. True or false?

E. Are you from Ireland? Do you live in Ireland? Have you ever been to Ireland?

F. Have you met anyone from Ireland? Who were they? What were they doing?

G. Describe the climate and geography of Ireland.

H. Describe the economy of Ireland. What does it import and export?

I. Does have any problems or challenges?

J. What is the food of Ireland like? Describe Irish cuisine.

K. What are some tourists attractions (cultural, historical, natural)?

L. What comes to mind when you think of Ireland? What do you associate with Ireland?

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