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realtor stable (2) sell/sold/sold
double figure (3) self-described
suburbs property cashed up
wave (3) shortage sought-after
hope high-end seek/sought/sought
invest target (2) national (2)
enjoy range (2) crackdown
tax integrate concierge
value facilitate magnificent
culture renovation






Calling Chinese-born Monica Tu just another realtor is like saying Michael Jordan is just another basketball player. She knows how to sell some of Sydney’s most expensive houses.

About sixty percent (60%) go to cashed up Chinese investors, and last year was a very good year.

Monica Tu, Black Diamondz Director: “We did of course, about a hundred-fifty million dollars ($15 million) now. And we are looking to double that figure.”

In 2009, Monica and her husband created Black Diamondz, a self-described, high-end property concierge company with an eye on wealthy Chinese buyers.

Monica Tu, Black Diamondz Director: “We help them with schools. We help them with renovation. And we help them to integrate in the Australian community.”

On this day, Monica took us to a home in Sydney’s sought-after eastern suburbs, with a price tag of about twenty-million dollars ($20 million).

Monica Tu, Black Diamondz Director: “So I hope they really like it.”

Jina Zhu is looking to buy her third investment property. She’s part of an increasing number of wealthy Chinese nationals targeting Australia.

Jina Zhu, Investor: “It’s a freedom. You can enjoy the lifestyle here; you can enjoy free life here, with a very stable government system.”

Monica says the Australian government’s crackdown on foreign property investment, including increased taxes, hasn’t slowed the wave of wealthy Chinese buyers.

Here in Sydney’s east, when you get up into the five, ten, fifteen million dollar price range, there’s no doubt the houses are magnificent, but the true value lies in the view.

The shortage of dream homes with a multi-million dollar view is only adding to business for the woman who says she’s much more than a realtor.

Monica Tu, Black Diamondz Director: “I see myself as a facilitator between the two cultures and you you have this beautiful view.”

A facilitator who knows how to sell.


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1. Monica Tu is a great real estate agent. True or false? Does she deal with middle-class, family homes?

2. Are most clients of luxury homes Australian business tycoons, Pop and movie and TV stars?

3. Do Monica and her husband only buy and sell property?

4. The average home price in deluxe suburbs is about two-hundred-and-fifty- thousand dollars ($250,000). Is this right or wrong?

5. Why are the Chinese buying houses in Australia, according to the journalist. What does Jina Zhu say?

6. Are the Australian authorities trying to limit or stem the flow of Chinese investors? How have they done so? Is it effective?

7. Monica describes herself was a shrewd saleswoman. Is this correct or incorrect?


A. Are housing and property prices increasing, decreasing or remaining the same in your city?

B. There are different districts and quarters in my city, i.e. financial, residential, industrial, historical, wealthy, middle-class, working-class, poor?

C. Do (many) foreigners or outsiders move into your city? Who are they? Why do they come to your city?

D. What might happen in the future?

E. Should people and governments do anything?

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