The Interrogation




hire whoever interrogate
believe buck (3) make/made/made
real clean (2) come/came/come
all of it fugitive mystery (2)
arcade figure (3) break/broke/broken
entire broke (2) make sure
offend mean (3) gentleman
lie/liar too long couple (2)
have to force (3) run/ran/run (2)
hardly right (5) middleman
either terrible know/knew/known
listen shortage take/took/taken
funny dozen (2) find/found/found
wheel find out wheelchair
fun save (3) lose/lost/lost
bone nice (3) tell/told/told
guess way (2) get on with it
truth get him pick him up


Video: 1:18 to 6:18




Crime Boss: “Whoever hired you made sure that you came into this city nice and clean — a real mystery man.”
David Bruce Banner, Fugitive Scientist: “No, no, no. There’s no there’s no mystery about me. I’m broke. I’m working in the arcade, uh, to make a couple of bucks. Now that is my entire story; all of it.”
Crime Boss: “I don’t mean to offend you David . . . but you’re a terrible liar. The way I figure it you’re working for either Franklin or De Marco, both of them are trying to force me out of Manhattan.

You must be running middleman for either one of them and Leo Khan, right.”

David Bruce Banner, Fugitive Scientist: “Mr Ladd I just got into New York; I hardly know anybody, including Mr Franklin and Mr uh De Marco.

Would you please ask your gentleman to take me now back to the arcade so I won’t lose my job.”

Crime Boss: “Find out what he knows.

Don’t take too long, David; there’s a shortage of wheelchairs in this city.”

Mobster: “Hey listen, David: this is going to be fun for them. Now really save yourself a dozen broken bone and tell Jason what he wants to know.”

David Bruce Banner, Fugitive Scientist: “What can I say that will make you believe I don’t know anything?”

Mobster: “Nothing.”
David Bruce Banner, Fugitive Scientist: “Um, then I guess I’ll have to tell the truth.”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Mobster: “GET HIM! Get him!

This way!

Look out!”

Mobster: “Take him!
Alright, pick him up and get on with it!”

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


The Hulk. Dr. David Banner was socializing (chatting) with his friends at a club. True or false?

In the video, does David work in a top-secret laboratory?

Does the crime boss believe David? Does he think David is telling the truth or lying?

Batman, Batgirl, Robin. David was born and raised in New York City. Is this right or wrong?

Wonder Woman. Does David want to fight, beat up the bad guys and win?

Spiderman. “Don’t take too long, David; there’s a shortage of wheelchairs in this city.” What does this mean?

Aquaman. David told the criminals everything. Is this correct or incorrect? What happened?
Iron Man. I have seen the Hulk on TV or in movies. Yes or no?

The Flash. What is the origin of the Hulk? How did Dr. David Bruce Banner create or become the Hulk?

Green Lantern. Do your friends want to be strong like the Hulk? What could the Hulk do?

The Atom. What might happen in the future?

Hawk Man. What could or should people do?

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