International Foods

At a London Market




lunch stall (2) aubergine
busy dinner around (3)
full of delicious market (2)
visitor own (2) sell/sold/sold
world seafood speak/spoke/spoken
meat lamb (2) eat/ate/eaten
roast breakfast good/better/best
fresh eggplant sweets (2)
sweet plant (3) make/made/made
cost customer come/came/come
try find/found/found






Borough Market, London

This is Borough Market in South London. This food market is very old. It’s lunchtime on Thursday and the market is busy. The market is only open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Visitors love Borough Market. It’s full of delicious food and drink. There are over 100 stalls at the market.

People from different countries work here. Many people sell food from their own countries. They all speak English — and they speak a lot of other languages too.

Marianna: Hi. “My name is Mariana and I’m from Greece.

Aurore: “My name is Aurore, and I’m from France. Aurore is a French name.”

Sofia: “My name is Sofia. I’m from Portugal.”

Magali: “My name is Magali and I’m from Mauritius.

Michelle: “My name is Michelle and I’m from Switzerland.

Fabian: “My name is Fabian I’m from France.

Foods from Around the World

What food do you like? Do you like cheese?

Michelle sells cheese from Switzerland.

Michelle: “I really like cheese; but I don’t like seafood.

Fabian sells delicious cheese from France.

Fabian: “I love cheese, and I don’t like coffee.”

Do you eat meat?

Graham is English, but he sells meat from Wales. He loves Welsh lamb the best.

Graham: “I really like roast lamb. I really don’t like aubergines (eggplants).

Some people don’t eat meat. But they eat a lot of fruit and vegetables. There’s fresh bread. And delicious cakes and sweets at the market too.

Do you like tea? The English love tea. And the best tea is from India.

Ratan sells Indian tea at the market. He makes tea for all of his customers. They love it.

Fabio and Robert don’t like tea. But they both love coffee. They make the best coffee at the market. A delicious cup of coffee costs 2 pounds 30 (£2.30).

Every year, over 4 million people come to Borough Market. They try delicious food from around the world and sometimes they find new food they love.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


Cheese, Cream. The Borough Market in South London is open every day of the week. True or false?

Honey. Only English people work in the Borough Market. They only sell English food and drinks. Is this right or wrong?

Cake. Do only men sell things at the market? Do only men operate market stalls? Where do the vendors come from?

Sweets, Candy, Chocolate. Did the video feature Dutch vendors selling Dutch cheese?

Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate. Does Michelle eat crab, lobster, squid, octopus and clams?

Roast Lamb. Graham’s favorite food is hamburgers and shawarma. Is this correct or incorrect?

Spices. Do vendors only sell food?
Sausage. Are there markets or bazaars in your city? Are they popular? Do many people visit markets?

Pastry, Cupcake, Muffin, Croissant. What foods do they sell in markets?

Shawarma, Gyros, Doner. What are some favorite or popular foods, snacks and drinks?

Kebabs, Barbecue, Skewered Meat. Would you like to visit markets abroad, in Colombia, Turkey, England, Spain, Iran, Mexico, Thailand, Egypt, France?

Crepes, Pancakes. My friends and I would like to work in a market. We would like to sell food in a market. Yes or no?

What might happen in the future?

Fruit Pies, Cheese Pies, Meat Pies. Should more people shop in markets, corner stores, supermarkets, shopping malls or online?

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