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income product partner (2)
survey channel go/went/gone
earn advertise make/made/made
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reach right (5) speak/spoke/spoken
follow micro (2) generation
topic follower appealing
brand together pay/paid/paid
ideally feed (2) wear/wore/worn
outfit platform buy/bought/bought
half analysis public (2)
AI auditor feature (2)
hype promote account (2)
invest percent around (2)
able to average earn a living
mega post (3) few/fewer/the fewest
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Video: Influencers




Influencers on YouTube, Instagram or Tik-Tok promote their own lifestyle and products to go with it — making them important advertising partners for companies.

Luca Casadei, Founder of Web Stars Channel: “The influencers know how to make themselves appealing: they speak the right language to reach their generation.”

Jacqueline Koss, a micro influencer with just a few thousand followers, can also earn money. She has been blogging and posting since 2015 on topics like fashion and beauty.

Jacqueline Koss, German Micro-Influencer: “You work together with brands that pay money for you to feature their products on your feed, like wearing their clothes and then posting about the outfit.”

Ideally their followers then buy the promoted product.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Most influencers don’t speak about money publicly. But AI analysis platform Hype Auditor surveyed some influences in the USA.

About half earn money with their Instagram account at an average of around 2,500 euros a month. Only four percent are able to earn a living with their instagram account.

According to the survey, those mega influencers with over a million followers earn 13,000 euros a month on average. They work on their Instagram account for an average of 48 hours a week.

Influencers with fewer followers often invest less time but also make less money according to Hype Auditor the average income is around 27 euros an hour.

Clearly a lot of work is required to become rich off being an influencer.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


Google. Only YouTube, Instagram and Tik-Tok fans love influencers. Only YouTube, Instagram and Tik-Tok members love influencers. True or false?

YouTube. In their videos and photos, do influencers focus on promoting, marketing and advertising products? Or do they just try to make their photos and videos cool and beautiful?

Wikipedia. Jacqueline Koss posts videos, photos and other content mostly about travel and food. Is this right or wrong?

Facebook. What do companies want? What do companies hope for?

Instagram. Influencers can only earn “pocket money” (small amounts of money) online. Is this correct or incorrect?

Tik-Tok. Do influencers like to brag about making lots of money through YouTube, Instagram and Tik-Tok? Do they like to tell everyone that they make beaucoup bucks (lots of money)?

Snapchat. According to the report, influencers are successful because they are beautiful and lucky. Yes or no?

My friends and I have a YouTube channel, Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat account. Do you post videos, photos and articles?

WhatsApp. My friends and I would like to become Influencers. True or false?

Viber. Do you have any ideas for YouTube videos or Instragram contents?

Zoom. What might happen in the future?

Amazon. What can or should people and businesses do?

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