industry 4.0 one

Industry 4.0, one



register network production
analyze track (3) property (2)
logistics automate tailor-make
status real time update (2)
unique eliminate interconnect
product supervise bigger picture
cut (2) union (3) self-driving
barcode cloud (2) remote (2)
cede lose out in the end


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Industry 4.0 is already here.

Just ask workers at this machine parts factory.

A barcode on each product registers and tracks the properties of every part. Businesses can tailor-make parts, analyze each piece and even automate logistics.

Customers can get status updates in real time.

Mistakes in the production are almost entirely eliminated.

There’s long been electronic assistance in manufacturing, but the interconnected bigger picture is what makes the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution unique.

Self-driving vehicles…smart offices…fully automated production: the internet of things.

One worker can supervise many tasks remotely, all networked together online, in the cloud.

But ceding more and more complex tasks to machines, unions fear jobs will be cut. They say in the end, people will lose out in the age of Industry 4.0.

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1. Industry 4.0 is now science fiction; it will start to happen in the future. True or false?

2. Is every single machine component registered and unique, or are they simply one out of thousands?

3. Clients can only buy products on offer; “what you see is what we have, only”. Is this correct or wrong?

4. Are clients kept in the dark, or can they know every step of the manufacturing process?

5. What does the report say about human error?

6. Is everything (machine parts, production, control, time schedule, alterations) separate and isolated, or interconnected?

7. Is the report optimistic, pessimistic, both, neither or neutral about the future?


A. Is Industry 4.0 involved in your company or organization? What are examples of Industry 4.0 in your company?

B. How could Industry 4.0 improve efficiency or productivity in your organization?

C. What will happen in the future?

D. Everyone is thrilled, happy and excited about Industry 4.0. What do you think?

E. What should people, industry and the government do regarding Industry 4.0?


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