In grammar, imperatives refer to commands, requests, orders, invitations, instructions, and advice that people give.

In English, the imperative form usually consists of the base form of the verb (verb-1), with no subject.

(+): Base verb (Verb-1) + (noun/nominal).
(-): Do not + verb-1 + (noun/nominal).
(+): Be + adjective.

Eat your broccoli.
Be quiet!
Do your homework.
Don’t feed the animals.
Don’t worry. Be happy!

What would you or the following people say in the following situations?

1. You hail a taxi. What do you say when you get in?
2. What do police officers say to the bad guys? What do the bad guys say?
3. Someone is selling bananas (or oranges, or eggs, shoes, books, shirts, trousers, computers, cars, homes).
4. Hecuba calls the customer service of her insurance company.
5. Several students are sleeping in Miss McDougal’s class.

6. The captain of a sinking vessel.
7. A mother to a child who has been watching TV for two hours.
8. You teacher asks the class a question…but then everyone shouts an answer.
9. The boss wants his or her employee to do something.
10. Parents to a child who is leaving home for summer camp or college.

11. You are the coach of a football (basketball, volleyball) team.
12. What does a child say to his/her mother in a shopping mall?
13. You are a sergeant of a squad of recruits in a barracks.
14. You are a computer program. What do you flash on the screen of a user?
15. Your friend is playing very loud music.

What do you think?

Who may have said the following imperatives? Who did they say it to? Why did they say it?

16. Open your mouth. Say AHHHHH!
17. Don’t tell this to anyone…this is just between the two of us.
18. Come/Call back on Monday.
19. Drive as fast as you can (Don’t say this in real life).
20. Slow down! Drive slower!

21. Don’t forget about next Thursday.
22. Run! Run!
23. Stop!
24. Stop it!
25. Put on your coats.
26. Please remove your shoes.

27. Quick! Call 911!
28. Stand up and fight!
29. Go! Go! Go!
30. Sing everyone!
31. Help! Help!

32. Stop over there, by the corner.
33. Get out! And stay out!
34. Eat your livers.
35. Study hard.
36. Sign your name here, please.

37. Tell me a story!
38. Come in!
39. Call back in ten minutes.
40. Have a chair/seat. Sit down.
41. Please rise.
42. See you later.


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