icbm missile




test (2) thing (3) launch (2)
missile ultimate advanced
ballistic warhead intercontinental
capable cornered mainland
frantic area (3) it’s a matter of time
arsenal pace (2) devastating
weapon goal (2) conventional
tip (2) accuracy conventional
analyst survival firepower
give up damage strike (2)
vital view (3) match (3)
ICBM potential period (4)







One thing we need to know about North Korea’s nuclear weapons: they’re only becoming more dangerous. Each nuclear test, each missile launch only brings North Korean leader Kim Jong Un closer to his ultimate goal — an intercontinental ballistic missile with a nuclear warhead, capable to striking the mainland US.

Is he there yet?

Most analysts say no, but it’s only a matter of time. We’re seeing this frantic pace of testing, which mean’s Kim’s arsenal is growing quickly and becoming more advanced.

Right now, North Korea could launch a devastating strike with conventional weapons on highly populated areas like Seoul or maybe even Tokyo.

And soon, those missiles, perhaps with nuclear tips, will be able to go even further and with greater accuracy.

Even if North Korea will never match the firepower of the US, they have the potential to kill a lot of people and do a lot of damage if they ever feel cornered.

Kim’s government views these nuclear weapons as vital to their survival as a nation.

I’ve been to North Korea many times, and many times their officials have told me they will not give up their nuclear weapons. Period.

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1. North Korea’s missile and nuclear weapons program is progressing and advancing. True or false? Is it developing gradually or rapidly?

2. Why is Kim Jong Un doing this?

3. Without ICBMs and atomic bombs, North Korea is harmless. Is this right or wrong?

4. Since it is far more powerful than North Korea, the US is not concerned. Is this correct or incorrect?

5. Does Kim plan to use nuclear weapons to conquer the United States?

6. Would it be possible for negotiations and economic sanctions to force North Korea to abandon nuclear weapons?


A. Kim Jong Un is a crazy, mad, evil dictator. What do you think?

B. Why does North Korea want nuclear ICBMs? What may be it’s ultimate goals?

C. What might happen in the future?

D. What should the US and other countries do?

E. What should Kim Jong Un do?


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