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Our reporter, Mischa Heuer, is going to party non-stop, moving from one club to the next.

He flies from Berlin to Ibiza via Majorca. Spain’s Balearic Islands have been one of the most popular holiday destinations for Germans for many years.

It’s a two-hour flight from the German capital.

Ibiza’s longest beach — Playa d’en Bossa — is right near the airport. And it’s a favorite with clubbers.

The party kicks off at noon. Where better to start a party marathon?

Mischa Heuer, Euromaxx Reporter: “Well as you can see, Ibiza is a real party destination. The island is home to some of the world’s best clubs. And you can party almost around the clock here.”

And that’s what I’m planning to do — I’m going to party for the next 48 hours.”

Next, Mischa travels from Playa d’en Bossa on the east coast to the island’s west coast.

Distances are always short on Ibiza.

After a 20 minute drive, he is greeted by huge billboards advertising the bars and clubs in San Antonio.

Mischa heads for the Café del Mar, known the world over for its chill out CDs.

Usually, hundreds of people are out here enjoying the sunset . . . but the sky is cloudy and the café almost empty.

So what now?

Mischa Heuer: “I’m looking for the best party here on the island. Have you got any recommendations for me?”

Person One: “Why are you asking me? I don’t know actually — No, we’ve been here for only three days. I don’t know.

Mischa: “Where are you going tonight?”
Person Two: “Pacha.”
Mischa: “Have you got any recommendations for us?”
Person Three: “I really liked Privilege: we were there the other night, it was really good.”
Person Four: “I have no idea. No.”

So that wasn’t much help. He decides to try out Space — just voted the world’s best club.

Only one dance floor is open, because the big DJs are in the other clubs tonight.

On Ibiza, the DJs — not the clubs — are stars.

Mischa meets up with Michelle Mendez again, whom he got to know in Café del Mar.

Together, they plunge into a long night of partying . . .

Finally, in the early morning hours, Mischa needs some sleep.

A few hours later at noon, people are recovering in Ibiza’s beach bars.

Time to talk to a real insider.

Tom Novy is one of the hottest German DJs. He’s worked summers in Ibiza for over twenty years, a key to international success.

Tom Novy, DJ: “This island has always had a magic touch for me. It was always the island of free spirit and creative people and those things are valued here.

In the early and mid 1990’s, we started having great parties here and really wild parties. And now the whole world knows about them.

They all want to come here and have the Ibiza feeling.”

In the afternoon, they head for San Antonio’s Ocean Beach Club.

It only opened in 2012, and offers a mixture typical for Ibiza: pools, parties and celebrities.

The party begins again when Tom Novy starts DJing early in the evening. Even though Mischa goes on stage, he’s pretty sure he won’t be getting any offers to become a Go-Go Dancer anytime soon.

At midnight, the party at the beach club comes to an end, and the marathon continues in Ibiza Town, in Pacha.

With some 20 franchises worldwide, Pacha is now an international brand. And later tonight, David Guetta, one of the world’s most successful DJs, will be here.

So the club is full — even though it costs €70 to get in.

At 5 am, Mischa is exhausted. He needs to take a break on the roof terrace.

The other clubbers can’t get enough of Pacha or Ibiza.

Person Five: “This is my second time. I came last year, so I’ll be here every year until I die.”

Person Six: “I don’t want to go home. We’re going home tomorrow morning.”
Person Seven: “It’s very cool, very hot! Very calyente, calyente!”

Person Eight: “You hear it all the time in music videos, in songs, Jennifer Lopez. Things like that. It’s the place to go. You have to go here at least once in your lifetime.”

The next morning Micsha is off to recover in a nearby bay: he’s feeling exhausted.

Mischa Heuer, Euromaxx Reporter: “So this is now the result of two days of continuous partying . . . and I have to really tell that I had are really good time here and lots of fun.

But what I really need now is a few days peace and quiet.”

Just two hours remain for the kind of vacation he really likes: relaxing with a good book on the beach and writing a postcard to his colleagues at Euromaxx as a thank you note for his exciting trip.

And the admission that he might be a little too old for this kind of holiday.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


11. Mischa, the journalist flew directly from Berlin to Ibiza. Is this right or wrong?

12. Many tourists come to Ibiza. Why do they come to Ibiza?

13. Is Ibiza a big, medium-sized or small island?

14. Everyone recommends Pacha because they think it’s the best club. Yes or no?

15. What is the key to a great party? What’s the most important ingredient to a cool party?

16. Ibiza has always had a lively nightlife. True or false?

17. Does everyone go to sleep at 10 pm?

18. Is the entire island filled with people, music and partying? Are there any quiet and peaceful places?

19. Partying in Ibiza is for everyone. What do you think? Does the journalist normally party in Berlin?


A. I have visited Ibiza. True or false? Have you visited holiday resorts with lots of clubs and night life?

B. Does your hometown or city have lots of clubs and a vibrant night life?

C. My friends and I enjoy clubbing. Yes or no?

D. Do different age groups and generations have different attitudes towards clubs, partying and night life?

E. Are nightclubs and discos big business?

F. What will happen in the future?

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