Clubs and Clubbers in Ibiza




island pulse (2) revolve around (2)
list scene (3) come back
revival mass (3) guinea pig (2)
key (2) can’t wait nursing assistant
able to restriction make sure that
sign (4) keep (2) go/went/gone
emerge long time crisis/crises
shore shoreline expression
entry right (5) put in place
rule (2) form (2) think/thought/thought (2)
sure fall in love make/made/made
safe (2) condition come/came/come
lock up come here know/knew/known
go for it represent fall/fell/fallen
rent getaway year after year
crave discover bring/brought/brought
sort of thing (2) in terms of
magical take away take/took/taken
lock model (3) on their own
essence logistics segregate (2)
case (3) floor (2) worry/worried
isolated club (3) simple as that
go back tighten (2) around (3)
gear up






Music is the pulse of this island. Ibiza’s economy revolves around its nightclubs.

Now that Ibiza has been green-listed by the UK, this island is gearing up for the return of mass tourism. And this experiment could represent its revival.

The guinea pigs are all key workers, like these nursing assistants.

Nursing Assistant, One: “I can’t wait to dance. It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to party around here.”
Nursing Assistant, Two: “After such a long time, you do really wanna go for it.”

There are signs Ibiza is emerging from the crisis: there are no restrictions on people traveling to these shores from the UK.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

But the Balearic politicians want to tighten the entry rules.

Rosana Morillo, Director of Tourism: “We think that with the increase in the number of cases in the UK, now is the right moment to put in place controls to make sure that everyone that comes here is in the right condition, is safe and can have a safe holiday.”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Danny Whittle, Artist Manager: “You know kids come here at 17, 18, 19-years-old, fall in love with the place, and they keep coming back year-after-year — until even in their 50s. They’re bringing their kids here, and they’re renting villas.

So the clubs play a really important part of being that gateway to discover the island.”

Dawn Hindle, Owner, Pikes Ibiza: “People crave dance. They crave connection. They crave expression.

And I think those are the things that have sort of been taken away from us: People have been isolated. People have been locked up on their own, segregated from family.

So I think going back to the dance floor going back to music, it’s a sort of form of a real essence of life.”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

DJs worry if the tune doesn’t change soon, the clubbers will simply go elsewhere.

Phat Phil Copper, DJ: “There is something magical about the island — Ibiza is about clubbing. And it would be foolish — you can’t stop clubbing, simple as that. There needs to be a place for it somewhere.

And if it’s not here, it’s going to be somewhere else.”

If this event is a success both in terms of health and logistics, it will be used as a model for reopening Ibiza’s entire club scene.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



Hotel, Hostel. The main industries on Ibiza are automobile manufacturing, textiles, machine parts and high-tech. True or false?

Guesthouse. At the moment, do the nurses want to care for patients?

Hotel Complex, Resort. Does everyone on Ibiza want unrestricted, unlimited, uninhibited tourism on their island?

Restaurant. Only teenagers and university students visit Ibiza. Is this right or wrong?

Bar, Pub. Describe the situation for the visitors in the past year. Did they like that? What do they want to do now?

Cafe. The most popular and famous activities on Ibiza are visiting local villages, eating traditional prepared seafood, vegetables, cheese and trying local wine. Is this correct or incorrect?

Club, Disco, Nightclub. If there are restrictions on partying in Ibiza, will visitors simply stay home?
Party, Dance, Music. Have there been lockdowns, restrictions and curfews in your city? Have cafes, bars, clubs, discos and restaurants closed during the pandemic?

Beach. I have been to Ibiza. My friends have visited Ibiza. Yes or no?

Sailboat, Tour Boat, Yacht. Are there places similar to Ibiza in your region or country? What is it like there?

Museum. I have visited places similar to Ibiza. True or false?

Souvenir Stand, Souvenir Stall. Is it good, bad, both good and bad, neither, or in the middle that so many tourists come to Ibiza and party? What are the benefits and drawbacks of mass tourism?

Travel Agency. What might happen in the future?

Tour, Tour Bus, Tour Guide. Would your town, city, region or country like more, less or the same about of tourists?

Car Rental. What should tourists do?

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