I you we they present simple 3

The Present Simple

I, You, We, They, 3

The Present Simple, or Simple Present expresses

1. Repeated and usual actions, habits and routines
2. Facts or generalizations
3. Scheduled events, transportation schedules
Positive Sentences with I, We, You, They

(+) I/We/You/They
Eric and Iris/These cars+ verb-1 (base form)
The nurses/Her professors

• I go to work by subway (underground).
• Rabbits eat carrots.
• Aruzhan and Svetlana work in human resources.
• Several buses leave for Cusco in the morning.
Negative Sentences

(-) I/We/You/They
Their patients/Her tea cups+ do not + verb-1
The sailors/Those stray cats


• Guillaume and Pascal don’t care for football. Instead they play ice hockey.
• Mrs. Fujita’s neighbors don’t like loud music.
• The shops don’t sell alcohol to minors.



Respond to the following with that’s true, that’s false, that’s not true, yes, no, yes and no, in the middle, maybe, usually, sometimes, mostly, in a way, rarely, it depends.

Say why and give examples. Make any necessary changes.

Monday. People in my city stare or look at strangers or strange persons. Yes or no?

Tuesday. All my friends, classmates, colleagues and family members use Skype (or Zoom, Viber, WhatsApp).

Men and women find girlfriends or boyfriends at clubs or discos.

Grandparents, aunts and uncles always give birthday and Christmas presents (gifts) to their nieces, nephews and grandchildren. Friends always give birthday and Christmas presents (gifts) to their friends.

Cool people always tell funny (or stupid) jokes and stories. Some of my classmates always tell funny (or stupid) jokes and stories.



Older people work in factories while younger people work in offices.

Sunday. People mostly call and speak to their friends on their phones. They seldom text or message anyone.

Weekdays. I always try new foods. I love to try new foods.

Workweek, School Week.
If I don’t know something, I ask my teacher. If my classmates need help, they always ask the teacher for help.

People need more jobs and more affordable (cheap) apartments.




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