hunting with eagles 2

Hunting with Eagles, II



scan horizon launch (2)
prey plains aggressor
hunt escape season (3)
falcon release falconer/falconry
peak blow (2) potential
eagle territory it’s just a question of
sheer pursue take up (2)
apex predator apex predator
fox chance tension (2)
vast struggle survey (2)
talon accurate






And eagle scans the horizon in search of prey. We are in the vast plains of Mongolia.

The tension is high: as the first snows of winter arrive, so does the hunting season for these falconers.

The Kazakhs must wait for the winter to begin to hunt, as this will give time for their eagles to breed and raise their young.

They usually take up positions on the peaks after riding for hours: from there they can survey more territory than from down in the plains; and it is from here that they will launch their eagles.

The first potential prey appears.

Now it’s just a question of releasing the birds and letting them do their job.

The eagle pursues its prey.

The sheer size of this apex predator means that this fox has no chance of escape.

And although the fox struggles, even biting its aggressor, the accurate blows of the eagle’s huge talons bring the fox’s end quickly.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


1. Is this Mongolia or Kazakhstan? Are the hunters Mongols or Kazakhs? Do they hunt with guns or bows and arrows?

2. They hunt with eagles year round. They hunt the whole year. True or false?

3. Do the hunters walk when they hunt?

4. Do the hunters release their eagles on flat grounds (plains) or on mountain tops? Why do they release their eagles on mountain tops?

5. The eagles only hunt small mammals such as rabbits. Is this correct or incorrect?

6. Can the eagles see well? Do they fly fast? Are they strong?

7. The eagle and fox fight each other and struggle. Is this right or wrong?

8. Does any other animal hunt and attack eagles?


A. Do you sometimes see eagles, hawks, owls or falcons flying the sky?

B. I have been to a falconry show. Yes or no? Is there a tradition of falconry in your country?

C. Is it moral or ethical to keep and use raptors for hunting?

D. I would like to be a falconer. I would like to do falconry as a hobby. Yes or no?

E. What will happen in the future?


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