however meanwhile

However, Meanwhile


Meanwhile, Simultaneously, At the Same Time

1. After Birgit Svenssen comes home from work, she works in her garden. Meanwhile, her husband, Bjorn ________________ .

2. Debbie and Jim __________________ . Meanwhile, their neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. Riley, usually watch TV in the evening and weekends.

3. Sheila studied at university. At the same time, ____________ .

4. At the company, Jeff _____, ______ and ______ simultaneously,

5. Sheila is very dexterous; she can _______, ______and ____ simultaneously.

6. The politician said ____________ . At the same time __________ .

7. What happens at your school, company or department?

However, Nevertheless, Nonetheless

8. Darleen (or Darrel) is 40 years old. However,

9. The United States (or China) has the world’s largest economy. Nevertheless,

10. ____________________. Nevertheless, Susan married Paul; nevertheless Randy married Claire.

11. Larry drinks a lot. Nonetheless, Casper eats a lot; nonetheless,

12. When Maria first arrived in the US, she knew no one, had only $50 in her pocket and couldn’t speak a word of English. Nonetheless,

13. Patricia’s mother is a doctor and her father is a bank manager. However,

14. __________ . However, many people adopt American culture.

15. Do you know people who come from rich or poor backgrounds?

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