The Housemates




last (2) interview meet/met/met
drum play (3) drum sticks
quiet whine (2) trombone
drama pleased tell/told/told
violin terrible good/better/best
road fantastic saxophone
wood welcome pound (2)






This is my house. It’s not big; and it’s not small. But I like it.

Three people live here. This is Matt.
Matt: Hi. “I’m Matt.”
This is David.
David: “Hello my name is David.”
And that’s me.
Helen: “Hi Helen. Pleased to meet you.”

So there are three people. But there are four bedrooms. So today is interview day.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

David: “What’s your job?”
Alan: “I’m a jazz musician.”
Matt: “Really? What do you play?”
Alan: “The drums.”

Sarah: “But he’s very quiet. And friendly. No dogs?”
Matt: “Sorry.”

Philip: “One hundred and fifty (150) pounds a month? Great!”
David: “Uh, no.”
Helen: “150 pounds a week. Sorry.”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Helen: “Where are you from?”
Anne: “Edinburgh, but my job’s in Oxford.”
Helen: “Good.”
Anne: “This is a nice house.”
Helen: “Thanks we’re happy here. Okay. Okay, Anne . . .
Anne: “Cigarette?”
Helen: ” I don’t smoke. We don’t smoke, do we?
Matt: “Ah . . . no.”
David: “We don’t smoke.”
Helen: “Sorry.

Helen: “This is terrible.
Matt: “who’s next?
David: “Her name’s Jane. She’s number eight. She’s the last.”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

David: “So Jane, tell us about yourself.”
Jane: “Tell you what?”
Matt: “Anything.”
Jane: “I’m from Brighton. I’m a drama teacher. I don’t smoke. I like films, good food.”
Helen: “Good food?”
Jane: “Yeah: Italian, French, Chinese.”
Matt: “Do you cook?”
Jane: “Yes, I’m a very good cook.”
David: “Do you have a dog?”
Jane: “No.”
Matt: “Cat?”
Jane: “No.”
Helen: “No animals?”
Matt: “Do you play the drums?”
Jane: “No.”
David: “The trombone . . . violin . . . saxophone?”
Jane: “Nothing.”
Helen: “That’s great; Jane it’s your room.”
Jane: “Fantastic!”
David: “When can you move in?”
Jane: “Next week.”
Matt: “This week?”
David: “Tomorrow?”
Jane: “Sure.”
Helen: “Welcome to 53 Blackwood Road.”
Jane: “Thank you. Thanks a lot.”

So now there are four of us.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


House, Home. This video was about a family: a mother, father and son. True or false?

Apartment, Apartment Building. Do they live in a tiny, medium-sized or large house? Does the house have two bedrooms?

Sidewalk. In the video, did they have a party with their friends?

Door. Helen, David and Matt love listening to loud music on their stereos. Is this right or wrong?

Window, Curtains. Could you hear any whining? Did you hear any whining?

Bedroom. Philip is probably a chemical engineer at a pharmaceutical company. What do you think?

Living Room. Would Matt, David and Helen like to live next to a factory, or in the city center?

Kitchen. Matt, David and Helen probably love eating at McDonald’s, KFC and Burger King. Is this correct or incorrect?

Bathroom. Do they like Jane? Why do they like Jane? What happened in the end?
Study. I live with housemates. Yes or no? Do you know anyone who lives with housemates or roommates? What is it like?

Dining Room. What is the most common living arrangement in your city? Do some or many people live with roommates or housemates?

Balcony. Is housing cheap, medium-priced or expensive in your town or city? Is it easy or difficult to find affordable housing?

What kind of living arrangement would you like?

Stairs, Stairwell. What might happen in the future?

Cellar, Basement. What can or should people, businesses and governments do?

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