household furniture 2

Household Furniture, 2




table heater dining table
sofa couch armchair
tile carpet bathroom
stove router alarm clock
cellar garage dining room
patio studio living room
rug curtains clothes line
sink bedroom shelf/shelves
desk bookcase bookshelf
lamp drawer water meter
closet cabinet pickled foods
wall floor (2) cupboards
bath shower washing machine
dryer drapes preserved food
porch veranda vacuum cleaner
attic study basement
oven faucet canned food
level ceiling jarred foods
stairs entrance storage room
lights switch electric socket
toilet mirror electric meter
pipes storage extension cord
fan kitchen air conditioner
chair radiator dishwasher
clock window bedside table
pans balcony coffee table
pots chimney water heater
roof bricks antenna
wire cable fireplace
wood lumber concrete
dresser bunk bed chest of drawers


Here are some pictures. Answer the following questions for each.

1. What is this? This is a . . . . .

2. Where is this place? This is a . . . . .

3. Describe the weather. What season is this? What month is it?

4. Who is this person? He is . . . . . She is a . . . . . They are . . . . .

5. What is she doing? What’s he doing? What are they doing? He is . . . . . .

6. How does he feel? He is . . . . . . .

7. What will happen next? They will . . . . .

Aqua Tan
Blue Brown
Black Gold
Green Pink
Purple Violet
Silver Yellow
White Red
Navy Blue Orange
Grey Auburn

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