house in Sweden

A House in Sweden



coast highlight square meters
pine enlarge spend our time
cliff pass by symphony
set (2) shimmer rise/rose/risen
typical reflect (2) easy chair
rebuilt stand (2) buy/bought/bought
arrive view (2) sit/sat/sat
enjoy meditate dream (3)
ferry pass (3) living room
depart fantastic quarter (3)
sight be able to wonderful






Oskarshamn, Sweden has 17,000 inhabitants.

Hello. Welcome to my home in Oskarshamn in Sweden. Come in. Let me show you my living room.

This is our living room. We live right on the Baltic Sea coast.

Their living room is 36 square meters, which is large in Sweden.

We’ve lived here for many years. The room has been enlarged and rebuilt. It’s where we spend most of our time, and we just love it.

This painting is very typical of the forests on Sweden’s east coast where we live. You can see the cliffs and pines.

The sun is still setting, but the moon has already risen. Here’s the silver shimmer of the moon reflected on the water and that’s exactly what it looks like in the summer.

This is my husband Kenneth. He also lives here, of course. That’s his sofa there. And this is his easy chair.

Our daughter bought this music stand in Prague. I think that’s rather nice, because I was born in Prague. She bought it, I think, in 1992. She plays the violin in the Stavanger Symphony Orchestra.

Let me show you the absolute highlight, the most fantastic part of this living room.

See the view.

I sit here on my sofa every morning after breakfast and meditate for an hour. I wouldn’t dream of reading a newspaper in the morning. I just sit here, enjoying my coffee.

I watch the ferry as it passes by. We see it arriving from Gotland at a quarter to eight and then again at quarter past nine as it passes on its way back.

We think it’s a wonderful sight, especially on a day like this.

It’s great to have been able to show you our living room.

Good-bye from Oskarshamn in Sweden.


*     *     *     *     *     *     *



1. Helen lives in an apartment in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. True or false?

2. Do she and her husband live inland or along the sea?

3. They like to stay in their bedroom and play with their devices. Is this right or wrong? Does Helen like art?

4. Is her daughter a university student? What is her daughter’s job?

5. Helen is a native-born Swede. Is this correct or incorrect?

6. In the morning, after breakfast, does she go to work?

7. Outside of their house, is there a road, with lots of cars passing by?


A. I spend most of my time in the kitchen. Yes or no? Which is your favorite room?

B. Are there paintings in your house?

C. Do you or your friends play a musical instrument?

D. Is there an ocean, sea, lake, river or stream near your house?

E. What do you do after breakfast?

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