A House in New Zealand



island remodel backpacker
coast inside generation
carpet show (2) magnet (2)
motel granny think/thought/thought
bake overdue shelf/shelves
due view (2) throw/threw/thrown
hostel plumber backpack
guest bakery selection
foggy qualified album (2)
ear realize leave/left/left (2)
bottle laundry put on (2)
load wind (2) model (3)






Punakaiki, a magnet for backpackers

Tobias Pugno:

Hi everybody. I’m Toby. I come from Switzerland, but I’ve lived in New Zealand for the last ten years, on Punakaiki on the western coast of the South Island.

Come in. I’ll show you how it looks inside my house.

This used to be the first motel in Punakaiki. The first time we were in here, the carpet was from 1900 and something. An old granny lived here for two generations.

In 2001 we thought, we have to remodel. Not a lot: just remodel the kitchen; put in a few shelves. And throw out the carpet.

It was overdue.

I’m here in my kitchen in Punakaiki. The green building up there is the beach hostel, for twenty-four (24) guests.

I bake bread for my guests. There wasn’t any bakery, so we started making bread (I’m actually a qualified plumber). And then we realized we could make money with it.

And here’s our selection of videos, everything you see here. It’s not much, because we’re only here for a few months of the year.

It’s different in my home in Nelson. There I have pictures, photo albums. But like I said, in here we have what we need. It’s not much.

For sunny days, I’ve got this hat for my ears. For really foggy days, this cap here. And here’s the best: for Christmas I’ve got this. And a Chinese guest left this cap here. And sometimes we put it on, and drink a bottle of wine.

This is the laundry. This is where we fold the clothes. We do three loads of washing a day. There’s no wind. And I have a view of the sea.

So maybe we’ll see each other again. Ciao.


*     *     *     *     *     *     *



1. Toby is a native New Zealander; he was born in New Zealand. True or false?

2. Did he and his wife build their house? Is their house brand new?

3. Toby owns and operates a four-star hotel. Is this right or wrong?

4. Was he a baker working in a bakery in Switzerland?

5. Do they watch Netflix?

6. Toby has a hat collection. Is this correct or incorrect?

7. They have to wash, dry and fold a lot of laundry every day. Yes or no?


A. I have moved to another town, city or country. Yes or no? Do you know anyone who has moved to anther town, city or country?

B. Have you stayed in a hostel, motel or hotel before? Where were these places?

C. I have baked bread, cakes, pastries or pies. True or false?

D. Do you have a collection of music, hats or photos?

E. We have a washing machine. Is this right or wrong?

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