house in ireland

A Home In Dublin


Jim invites viewers in his home in the edge of Dublin.


wall rooster welcome
chick found anybody
fun funny terribly (2)
share terrible four-legged
claim garden living room
main kitten wonderful
view favorite spend (2)
fame run (2) claim to fame
rugby cup (2) provincial
allow row (3) win/won/won
head coach absolutely
hard retired a lot of/lots of
team fall out thing (2)
great revenge






Dublin, 20 meters above sea level.

Hi. Welcome to my home. I’m Jim. I live here with Miriam in Ireland.

You’ll see on this wall that three people live here: an old rooster and a young chick. She found that and thought it was terribly funny.

We share our house with a four legged person — but don’t let anybody tell you he’s a cat. He’s far from it.

This is the living room. Miriam is the one that runs the garden; I just do as I’m told. We often sit out there in the morning now that we’re retired.

Here’s Zimba. He’s not the main cat of the house. This is like his baby brother. Zimba is only a kitten. He likes to play.

But whether you’re a cat person or not, I have become a cat person.

My favorite room in the house, the place I spend more time around the computer, watching TV, looking at the view.

And that’s the view we’re also happy with.

This was my only claim to fame of rugby in here that I’m allowed: winners of the provincial town’s cup, the only time in the history of Irish rugby that it’s won three in a row as head coach.

And absolutely wonderful team. That’s just the first year of them.

And a lot of farmers, hard boys. Two things that are said of that team: you wouldn’t want to fall out with them, and you wouldn’t want to deal them of money, they would get revenge of both kinds.

But a great team.

Thanks for coming to see my home. It’s been nice having you. Thank you very much. Bye.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


1. Jim lives in the country. True or false?

2. “We share our house with a ‘four-legged person’.” What does he mean? What does the picture show?

3. Who is the boss and who is the worker in the garden?

4. Jim likes to play with a dog. He is a dog person. Is this right or wrong?

5. Is his favorite room the living room? Why is it his favorite room?

6. What was his job? Did he only work in Ireland?

7. He was a successful coach. Is this correct or incorrect?
A. My favorite room is the kitchen. Yes or no? What is your favorite room in your home?

B. Describe your favorite decorations, artwork or souvenirs.

C. Do you play rugby, football, basketball or any other sports?

D. I have pets. True or false? Do you have any pets?

E. Do you have a garden? What kind of plants do you have?

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