house home Morocco

A Home in Morocco



nice cool (2) all the time
slipper warm (2) traditional
pair tradition change (2)
heels thing (2) left/leaves
pear personal drink/drank/drunk
prefer welcome apartment
ceiling century ornament
adore maintain peppermint






Rabat, Capital of Morocco. Average Age: 27

My name is Nora Djemouni. Welcome to the Ria Das a-Hour.

It’s nice and cool here in the summer and in the winter, it’s nice and warm.

Traditional Slippers

I have many pairs of slippers in various colors. But because I’m so small, I prefer shoes with heels; slippers don’t have heels.

Tea with Peppermint Leaves

Tea is for us Moroccans what wine is for Europeans. You’ll find tea in every home. We drink it all the time. For us, it’s like our very own personal wine.

I really like my house. I like maintaining traditions. Most people prefer to live in apartments.

Not me: I love these big rooms with high ceilings and all the ornamentation. Plus the high doors. The doors and windows are from the Sixteenth century. We’ve haven’t changed a thing.

King Mohammed VI

I adore my king. So I put his photo on the wall here.

I hope I’ll be able to welcome you back to the Subahur another time.


*     *     *     *     *     *     *



1. Nora lives with her family, a mother, father, husband, son and daughter. Is this true, false or we don’t know; she didn’t say?

2. Does she need a fireplace, heater or air conditioner in her house?

3. Nora is probably about 170 cm tall. Is this right or wrong? Does she want to be 155 cm or 167 cm tall?

4. Do Moroccans like to drink coffee and beer? What is their favorite drink?

5. All Moroccans like in big, traditional houses like Nora. Is this correct or incorrect?

6. Is her house small, medium-sized or large? Is it old or modern?

7. A president rules Morocco. Yes or no?
A. I have visited Morocco. True or false? Have you met anyone from Morocco?

B. Do your friends live in a small, medium-sized or large houses, or do they live in apartments?

C. Would you like to live in a new, modern house or apartment, or an old, traditional-style house? What about your friends?

D. The most popular drink in my country is tea. Yes or no?

E. Who is the head of state or leader in your country, a king, queen, prime minister or president?

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