horse riding and dance performance

The Horse Riding Show




down this time acrobatics
greet welcome reestablish
wall mounted relationship
vast display make/made/made
clap establish ride/rode/ridden
sword shoulder upside down
fur applaud stand/stood/stood
flag saddle amazing






Presenter: “In 1994, the Queen made another historic visit. This time it was Russia, to be greeted by Boris Yeltsin. The Berlin Wall was down and the Queen started the process of reestablishing our relationship with this vast and beautiful country.

Please welcome the Kremlin Mounted Display Cossacks and the Russian State Cossack Dance Group.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Thank you the amazing Cossacks.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


Russia, Ukraine, Belarus. The venue was probably in Buenos Aires, Argentina. What do you think?

Britain, Ireland. Did the music come from a CD or was the music live?

Denmark, Sweden, Norway. In the video, was there one performance? What happened?

France. The dance performance was an ordinary folk dance. Is this right or wrong? How would you describe the dance performance?

Italy, Greece. Did the horse riders wear the same costumes as the dancers?

Spain, Portugal. The riders wanted to ride as fast as possible. This was a horse race. Is this correct or incorrect?

The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg. Were flags used in the show? How did they use flags?

Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan. How did the Queen feel? What did she think of the performance?
Poland. I have seen Cossack horse riding and dance performances. Yes or no?

Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic. The Cossacks are the best dancers and horse riders in the world. What do you think?

Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania. Have you been part of a dance group? Have you put on dance shows in school?

Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia. It’s great to have a monarchy (kings and queens), like Britain. Our country should have a monarchy. Do you agree?

Austria, Germany, Switzerland.
What might happen in the future?

Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania. What could or should people and organizations do?

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