The Horoscope




meal sign (3) say/said/said
wood candle horoscope
sure exciting cornflakes
bull surprise drink/drank/drunk
list surprise shopping list
zodiac move (2) get/got/got-gotten
cattle pound (3) buy/bought/bought
let (2) get home do-does/did/done
get up right (5) have-has/had/had
great still (2) present (3)






This is how it started: another exciting evening at 53 Blackwood Road.

David: “Hi Julia. How are you? Yeah sure . . .”

Helen: “When’s your birthday?”
Matt: “The fourth of August.”
Helen: “That’s Leo. You’re a lion!”
Matt: “What’s wrong?”
Helen: “Nothing.”
Matt: “What about you?”
Helen: “My birthday’s the 16th of March; I’m a Pisces.”
Matt: “The fish? So, what’s the horoscope sign for this month?”
Helen: “May the first part is Taurus.”
Matt: “The Bull. So Jane’s a Bull.”
Helen: “Is Janes birthday this month? When?”
Matt: “The 13th.
Helen: “The 13th of May? It’s the 11th of May today — that’s in two days. Are you sure?”
Matt: “That’s what she said.”
Helen: “Did you hear that, David? It’s Jane’s birthday on Saturday . . . Why don’t we have a party?
David: “In two days?”
Helen: “Yeah.”
Matt: “A surprise party.”
David: “Good idea.”
Helen: “Right. How many people?”
David: “Just the four of us. Meal. The cake. Something to drink. Presents.”
Helen: “Okay, let’s make a shopping list.”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

David: “I got it.”
Helen: “That’s it?”
Matt: “That says that looks great! Where did you get it? Ow!”
David: “I bought it at Pascal’s, you know next to the bank.”
Helen: “How much was it was?”
David: “It was fifteen pounds.”
Helen: “Did you get the candles? . . . You didn’t get the candles?”
Matt: “I did.”
Helen: “Thank you.”
David: “When does Jane get home?”
Matt: “Usually at half past six, after her game of tennis — in about 20 minutes.”
Helen: “Oh no! David help me with this cake.”
David: “Matt don’t let her come into the kitchen.”
Matt: “How?”
David: “Talk to her. Two minutes.”
Matt: “What would you want me to talk about?”
Helen: “Anything!”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Matt: “Hi Jane.”
Jane: “Hi Matt.”
Matt: “Here, let me.”
Jane: “Thanks.”
Matt: “Did you have a nice day?”
Jane: “Uh . . . yes.”
Matt: “What did you do?”
Jane: “I went shopping.”
Matt: “What did you buy?”
Jane: “I bought a t-shirt and some shoes. And I bought some food . . . Matt are you okay?”
Matt: “What else did you do?”
Jane: “I played tennis.”
Matt: “Where?”
Jane: “At the Sports Center.”
Matt: “I had a good day.”
Jane: “Did you?”
Matt: “I got up at about oh there’s 11 o’clock. And then I had breakfast: I had cornflakes and I had toast and coffee. An orange juice. And then I watched television and then . . .”
Jane: “Matt! Please move, now.”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

David, Helen and Matt: “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!”

David: “It’s not your birthday?”
Helen: “Matthew!”
Matt: “But you said it was the 13th of May.”
Jane: “The 30th of May, Matt. Not the 13th.
David: “Then what do we do with all this food and drink?”
Helen: “We can still have a party.”
Matt: “Then what about the 30th?
Helen: “We can have a party then too.”
Jane: “Sure!
Matt: “Great! Two parties.”
David: “But only one present yeah?”
Helen: “Oh David.”
David: “What?

So that was the surprise party — a real surprise for everyone.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


Birthday Party. In the beginning of the video, everyone was partying, dancing and listening to loud music. True or false?

Christmas Celebration. Were Helen and Matt talking about Indian cuisine?

New Year’s Celebration. Did the three plan on traveling to France?

Maslinitsa. What did they do on the thirteenth of May?

Independence Day. David baked a birthday cake. Is this right or wrong? Did he buy birthday candles?

Easter Holiday. Was Matt trying to “pick Jane up”? Was he trying to date her? What had happened?

Carnival. What happened in the end? In the end . . . .

Oktoberfest. Based on the video, might David be a very generous person or slightly miserly, tight and stingy?

Halloween. Do you have birthday parties? How do you celebrate your birthday? Who attends (comes) your birthday parties? Has it changed since your childhood?

Thanksgiving. How often do you attend parties, celebrations or festivals? What occasions, celebrations or festivals do you attend? What holidays or occasions do you celebrate?

Graduation Celebration. What is your favorite celebration or festival? How do you celebrate it?

Class Reunion. Are there too many, not enough or just the right amount of holidays, festivals and celebrations? Do you wish there were more, less or the same amount of holidays, festivals and celebrations?

Wedding Party. What might happen in the future?

Wedding Anniversary. What could or should people, communities and societies do?

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