hooters two

An American

Restaurant Chain, II



proud chain (2) hometown
tap downtown renovation
double upgrade check it out
patio open-air street level
talent improve bartender
grab awesome pleasure
mug private what’s up
angle throw in addition
wing renovate throughout
whip whip up high-definition
draft upstairs in addition






Owner: “You know it was just a few weeks short of a decade ago that we were standing here opening up this restaurant.

And this is one of the most famous Hooters restaurants in the chain and we’re very proud to have it in our hometown for Hooters of America.”

Sam Arena, Atlanta Hooters Girl: “Welcome to the new and improved Hooters of downtown Atlanta.

After a million dollars in renovations and upgrades, we’re open for business. It’s double the size and double the fun.

Come on let me give you a tour, let’s check it out.”

“Welcome to Hooters!”

Sam: “We’re going to start with our brand new patio.”

One of my favorite additions to the Atlanta Hooters is the open-air, street-level patio, one of the only ones in Keet Street where you can come an enjoy a full beer and that hot Atlanta weather.

We also have an outdoor bar area.

Sam: “Hey, Kenyatta, what’s up?”
Kenyatta: “What’s up Sam!”
Sam: “How are you?”
Kenyatta: “I’m doing good.”

Sam: “Guys, this is Kenyatta. She’s one of Atlanta’s most talented bartenders. Kenyatta, why don’t you give us a tour of the new bar?”
Kenyatta: “Come on in and I’ll show you the brand new bar.”

Kenyatta: “Hi, I’m Kenyatta, and I’m going to give you a tour of our brand new bar.”

So if you follow me down this way, you’ll get to see some of our new, awesome, ice-bound cold beers. If you come in, and grab one of our 27 different bottles of beer.

We also have my favorite drink: a top-shelf margarita made with 1800 tequila. We’ve got ice-cold mugs for all of your draft beer. We’ve got 32 different taps with different drafts.

If you follow me on down, you’ll get to see, we’ve got eleven different flat-screens up for your viewing pleasure.

We’ve got all the sports packages so you can come on down and sit and watch the game with your friends and have a nice drink.

Come on, I’ll throw you back to Sam and she’ll show you and show you the rest of the place.

Sam: “Thanks for the tour Kenyatta. As Kenyatta was saying, we have 11 flat-screen, high-definition TVs at every bar. In addition we have over 50 high-def flat screen TVs all throughout the restaurant so you can catch the game at any angle.

Let’s go this way.

This is the Hooters kitchen where all the magic happens. Here, they’re whipping up some of our new menu items, in addition to our famous chicken wings.

One of the best parts of our renovation is our new booth seating. We have comfortable seating for over 340 guests.

Here in downtown Atlanta, we are famous for our upstairs area. Great little spot to have a private party.

I know I’m having my birthday here!

Come all the way up here, I can see all the fun going on downstairs.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


1. In the beginning of the video, they cut a ribbon, and officially opened a new Hooters restaurant. True or false?

2. Was this a completely new restaurant or a renovated, expanded restaurant?

3. Does Hooters only serve food? Do they serve a few types of drinks?

4. Diners (customers) can watch football, basketball and baseball games. Is this correct or wrong? Where can they watch sports matches?

5. Did Sam give a tour of the kitchen? Were they busy?

6. How many people can Hooters accommodate?

7. Is it possible to have a party at Hooters?
A. Is there a Hooters (or similar themed) restaurant in your city? Is there a restaurant similar to Hooters?

B. Could Hooters or a similar themed restaurant open up in your city? Would it be popular?

C. My friends would like to eat at Hooters. Do you agree?

D. Would some people be opposed to Hooters? Who are they? Why would they be against Hooters?

E. What will happen in the future regarding Hooters and similar restaurants?

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