Hong Kong protests one

Hong Kong Protests, one



flag sensitive jeopardize
adopt respond extradition
allow tyranny sovereignty
anti- anthem solidarity
cancel standoff breaking news
row (3) wave (3) demonstrator
sit-in brutality move in (2)
allege mobilize in a row (2)
riot imagery overthrow
grip wonder concerned
loosen cover up well-being
oppose outcome parallel (2)
chilling sensitive obviously
protest break up many moons ago
goal (2) stage (2) at any cost
resolve mainland progressive (2)
live (2) point (3)






Protesters in Hong Kong have adopted the American flag as a symbol in protesting Chinese tyranny.

They are opposing a new law that would allow extradition to China. This seriously jeopardizes Hong Kong’s sovereignty from the Chinese government.

Recently, protesters sang the anthem to symbolize solidarity against China. They waved American flags to underscore their individual freedom.

Newscaster, One: “Breaking news out of Hong Kong this half-hour. Taking a live look at the Hong Kong Airport, where all flights are canceled for the second day in a row, as demonstrators staged a day’s long sit-in; many alleging police brutality over the weekend.”

Meanwhile, the Chinese military is mobilizing outside of Hong Kong. They recently released this video showing anti-riot exercises. This is a chilling message for the protesters in Hong Kong.

Many now wonder how this standoff is going to conclude.

Newscaster, Two: “Their goal is to loosen Beijing’s grip on Hong Kong; how does this get resolved, knowing that that is not possible.

Commentator, One: “Yeah, I think we all know how it’s going to get resolved: the Chinese Communist Party at some point is going to move in because the protesters aren’t going to stop, and so I think what we have to wonder is how are we going to respond to what happens.

Newscaster, Four: “Obviously there are parallels being drawn to that eventual outcome, if you believe it is eventual, and what happened in Tiananmen Square many moons ago. Do you think the Chinese government is sensitive to that imagery and to those parallels, or do you think they would rather see images like that broken up at any cost?”

Commentator, Two: “No, I think they’re absolutely sensitive, and that’s why they haven’t moved in already; they clearly see a problem here — they think the United States is trying to overthrow the Chinese Communist Party through a cover-up color revolution started in Hong Kong, and then progressing on to the mainland.

So they’re really concerned, but at the same time, they understand how important to their financial well-being.”


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1. In this video, Hong Kongers are extremely nationalistic and xenophobic. Is this true or false? Why did they do this?

2. Have the protests taken place only in the city center?

3. Only local, Hong Kong police will be involved with the situation. Is this entirely correct, probably correct, perhaps, maybe, most incorrect or totally incorrect?

4. Has the government issued explicit or implicit warnings to the protesters?

5. Is their goal total independence from Beijing? What does the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) think?

6. This protest is unprecedented. Is this right or wrong?

7. Is the CCP in a dilemma? Why is the CCP in a dilemma?


A. Why are many people in Hong Kong protesting?

B. Are there similar protests in your country or continent? Why are they protesting?

C. Should the EU, UN, US, WTO, IMF intervene or get involved?

D. What can or should Hong Kongers do? Should individuals elsewhere do anything?

E. What will happen in the future?

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