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Jeans Genes

Homophones are words with the same pronunciation but different spellings and meanings and origins: ate and eight are homophones.

Answer the following questions or respond to the statements.

Jeans Genes

1. Jeans Genes

How long have jeans been in fashion? Will jeans go out of fashion?

Someday, scientists will be able to manipulate human genes. Do you agree? Would this be good or bad?

2. knead need

Bakers and pastry chefs knead dough by hand. Yes or no?

People need…. What do you need?

3. knew new

Ancient people knew a lot of things that we don’t. What do you think?

Luddites love new technology. True or false? Do you like new technology?

4. knight night

What is the image of a medieval knight? Would you like to be a knight or be married to a knight?

Only young people love nightlife. Yes or no?

5. knot not

Paula’s life and career is in a knot. Is she ecstatic? Give examples.

Will you go into politics? Why or why not?

Know No

6. know no

My competitors know some secrets for academic, professional, or business success. True or false?

Do voters like inflation, unemployment, recession, crime, and corruption?

7. leak leek

There’s leak in the kitchen sink pipe. What will happen?

Is it alright to leak out secret information?

Should you eat leek soup before going to a job interview?

8. Led Lead

All great movements in history have been led by charismatic leaders. True or false?

Some scientists think there is a connection between lead in gasoline and crime rates. What do you think? Was there a connection between lead plumbing and the Roman Empire?

9. Loan Lone

How many people would loan you $300?
Which of your friends would loan you $300?

Some of my classmates, coworkers, and neighbors are lone wolves. True or false?
If so, describe them.

10. Maid Made

Do you or does someone you know employ a maid? Are the maids in your country mostly domestic or foreign?

Where are the products in local shops made in? Describe the transaction.

Maize Maze

11. maize maze

What are some uses of maize?

Have you ever been through a hedge-maze? Is a maze dangerous?

12. male mail

Which industries or professions are dominated by females and which by males?

What will happen to snail mail and e-mail?

13. manner manor

Should people work or solve problems in a serious or playful or jovial manner?

I would like to live in a manor. Yes or no? If yes, describe it. Where would it be located? What sort of activities take place on it?

14. marshal martial

Have you seen a marshal (on TV or real life)? How do they dress? What do they do?

Is Capoeira a martial art, a dance, game, acrobatics, or all of the above? Have you seen a Capoeira performance?

Is tai chi a martial art, a form of exercise, or both? Is there a tai chi club?

15. Mary Marry

Mary or Maria has traditionally been the most common or popular name in many countries. What about in your nation?

At what age do most people get married? What is the “ideal” age to for couples to marry?

Meat Meet

16. Meat Meet

Do you know anyone who does not eat meat or eats little meat?

More and more people will meet and make friend online, especially through social media. Yes or no?

17. Mind Mined

“A mind is a terrible thing to waste.” Give examples from real life.

“More gold has been mined from people’s minds than from all the mines in the world.” Give examples.

18. Minor Miner

Can minors get a driving license or live by themselves in your country?

Protecting the environment is a minor issue compared to the economy. Do you agree?

Are there more or less miners now than a hundred years ago?

19. Moan Mown

Nick heard moans in the mansion. What did he do?

Bobby has mown all his neighbors’ lawns. Why did he mow all those lawns?

20. Muscle Mussel

Professional wrestlers has big muscles. How do they develop such big muscles?

Have you tasted abalone, clams, mussels, or oysters? If yes, how were they? Are these popular in your town, city, country?


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