homophones dam fowl


Days Daze

Homophones are words with the same pronunciation but different spellings and meanings and origins: ate and eight are homophones.

Answer the following questions or respond to the statements.

Dam Damn

1. Dam Damn

After working hard for many years, the dam finally burst for Sofia. Is this good or bad.

Is saying “damn” or similar words acceptable or okay?

2. Days Daze

People will always remember their high school days more than anything. What do you think?

What jobs should people in a daze not perform?

3. Dear Deer

Should you always start a letter with “Dear”? When should you start a letter with “Dear”?

Have you ever seen a deer? Have you seen a deer in the wild?

4. Descent Dissent

War and fighting are on the descent (decline). Do you agree?

What happens to people who dissent?

5. Desert Dessert

Is it okay to desert the army? What happens to conscripts who desert the military?
It’s wrong to desert your family. Yes or no?

What are some popular desserts where you live?
When should you eat dessert, before or after the main course?
Is this a metaphor for life in general?

Dew Due

6. Dew Due

When and where do you see dew?

When is the Great Awakening or Messianic Age due to arrive?

7. Die Dye

What would you die for? Is there anything worth dying for?

More people dye their hair now than in the past. True or false? If true, why?

8. Doe Dough

How would you describe John Doe in terms of work, residence, family, habits?

What do people do with dough?

9. Drier Dryer

The climate is getting drier. Do you think so?

Dryers are unnecessary. Do you agree?

10. Fair Fare

What is fair trade? Do you favor fair trade?

Should bus and train fares be raised, lowered, or kept the same? Why?

Faze Phase

11. Faze Phase

Nothing can faze (illegal) migrants. Yes or no?

The teenage years are the most dramatic phase of a person’s life. True or false?

12. Feat Feet

Name some of your greatest feats. Name some great human feats.

Which is more “important” your hands or your feet?

13. Find Fined

I would like to find or discover………….

Persons who violate the law are often fined as punishment. How do judges and other officials feel about this?

14. Fir Fur

What do people do with fir (pine) trees?

Is it acceptable to wear fur coats?

15. Flair Flare

My friends and I have a flair for writing and commenting on blogs. True or false?

Mr. Chamber’s back (head, stomach, foot) ache has flared up again. What should he do?

Flee Flea

16. Flee Flea

What would happen if army commanders flee from a battle?

Josh decided to flee to Canada. Why?

Which is more dangerous, a shark or a flea?

17. Flier Flyer

People in my city are always passing out fliers. Yes or no? If yes, what are they about?

Who are some high-fliers in your company, industry, or town? Describe them.

18. Flour Flower

There was a flour fight. What happened?

The flower industry is big business. It’s very profitable. Yes or no?

19. Foul Fowl

What percent of businesses engage in foul-play? Can you give examples?

Is there wild-fowl or water-fowl in your area? Do tourists come and see them?


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