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Cache Cash

Homophones are words with the same pronunciation but different spellings and meanings and origins: ate and eight are homophones.

Answer the following questions or respond to the statements.

Cache Cash

1. Cache Cash

The hikers stumbled upon a cache of gold and silver jewellery. What will happen next?

Do you prefer paying in cash or by credit?

2. Cast Caste

If I were directing a movie, I would cast…..

There isn’t much class mobility in a caste system. True or false?
Is there much socio-economic mobility where you live?

3. Cede Seed

The state will cede more control of the economy to the private sector. Is this good or bad?

Julian credits his teacher for sowing (planting) the seed of his success. What does this mean?

4. Cell Sell

Are prison cells in your city “decent” places to stay?

How can you sell more products or services?

5. Cellar Seller

What is in your (friend’s) cellar?

Where can you find lots of traders (buyers and sellers)?

Censor Sensor

6. Censor Sensor

The government should not censor anything. Do you agree?

Can a polygraph tell if a person is lying? What are some sensors of a polygraph?

7. Sent Scent

What individuals have been sent on a mission or assignment (e.g. scientific, diplomatic, educational, commerce)?

Can certain scents affect human feelings or behavior?

8. Cereal Serial

Does your country grow much cereals? If yes, what are the important ones? What are they made into?

Serials are very popular on TV. True or false? If true, what are the popular ones? Where are they filmed or produced?

9. Cheap Cheep

Do most consumer only want cheap goods?

What kind of sound do canaries make?

10. Chilly Chili

Immigrants from tropical countries like chilly weather. Yes or no?

People in my country like to add chili peppers in their dishes. True or false?

Cite Sight Site

11. Cite Sight Site

Nowadays, most people cite………

Which is more “important” sight or hearing?

What are examples of good sites to build a town or city?

12. Claws Clause

There is a clause in the forum or message board agreement that says you cannot…

Have you ever eaten crab or lobster claws?

13. Coarse Course

Do you know someone with coarse manners? Describe someone who has coarse manners or behavior.

What are the most interesting courses that you have taken?

14. Cot Caught

Have you or your friends ever slept on a cot? Who often sleeps on cots?

You classmate (or colleague) did not come to class (work) today. Why not?

15. Council Counsel

The school/student council decided to organize….

Are there social workers, psychologists, or advisors who counsel students (or workers)? What do they say?

Councilor Counselor

16. Councilor Counselor

The state councilors should…..

What did your school counselor tell you?

17. Creak Creek

The door creaks loudly. Is this good, bad, both, or neither?

Do or would you like to go swimming or fishing in a creek?

18. Cruise Crews

Have you or your friends worked or traveled on a cruise liner?
I would like to work or travel on a cruise liner. Yes or no?
Where would you like to sail?

Do employees in your company work in crews?

19. Currant Current

How much money do currant pickers earn? Who picks currants?

Nathan wants to go swimming, but there’s a strong current. What do you tell him?

20. Cymbal Symbol

Andrew plays the cymbal. How is his hearing?

What do these symbols symbolize?

a) bear
b) dove
c) dragon
d) eagle
e) green
f) hawk
g) heart
h) light bulb
i) lion
j) maple leaf
k) red
l) three sixes.
m) star


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