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Accept Except


Homophones are words with the same pronunciation but different spellings and meanings and origins: ate and eight are homophones.

Answer the following questions or respond to the statements.

Accept Except

1. Accept Except

Within 15 years, all businesses will accept bank card payments. What do you think?

Stores in my town are open every day except Saturdays and Sundays. Yes or no?

My friend works every day except weekends.

2. Aid Aide

Private tutors have aided me with my school lessons.

If you ask an aide a question, what will he or she say?

3. Alter Alter

Is it important for companies to alter (or completely change) their products or services?

What might you see on top of alters?

4. Ascent Assent

Is the world on an ascent or a descent?

The president and congress members all assent to raise taxes. Is this good, bad, both, or neither?

5. Bale Bail

What will happen to all those bales of cotton?

Charlie’s uncle bailed him out of jail. Why? What had happened?

Band Banned

6. Band Banned

Everyone came to the city center on Saturday. Why?

Alcohol and tobacco ought to be banned. Do you agree?

7. Bare Bear

Is it possible to walk on hot coals or embers bare-footed?

My teacher and parents told me many bear stories. Yes or no?

8. Barren Baron

There are regions in my country that are barren. True or false?

Describe the lifestyle of a baron.

9. Bass Base

Dalton plays the bass guitar. What is his work schedule like?

Does your town or city lie near the base of a mountain?

10. Be Bee

When children grow up, they want to be………..

In a way, ants and bees are similar to humans. Do you agree?

Beat Beet

11. Beat Beet

I feel thrilled when I beat my competition. Yes or no?

You can be arrested if you beat someone. True or false?

Does sugar in country come from sugar cane or sugar beets?

12. Berry Bury

What are some uses of berries?

Is it better to bury or cremate the deceased?

13. Bite Byte

The fishermen are very happy. Why?

How much memory does your computer (cell phone, laptop, tablet) have?

14. Blew Blue

Billy had a big birthday party last Saturday. What happened?

Do you know anyone who is in the red? How do they feel?

15. Bloc Block

Some older people of the former communist bloc have fond memories of the old days. True of false?

What blocks people from succeeding or realizing their true potential? Does anything block companies?

Boar Bore

16. boar bore

Do women ever go boar hunting, or hunting in general?

The teachers often bore the students. How?

17. Board Bored

Describe people on the company board of directors.

Do teachers and students prefer white boards or chalk boards?

The students are bored. How can teacher interest and motivate them?

18. Brake Break

Leonard’s (car’s) breaks don’t work. Should he drive?

What do your classmates or coworkers do on their breaks?

Kung fu experts can break bricks. How do they break bricks?

19. Bread Bred

Is bread the stable food of your country or region? Describe it.

My grandfather bred goats, cows, and sheep. Why?

20. But Butt

Everyone wants to be an engineer, but….

Is it illegal to throw cigarette butts on the ground?

What happens if a police officer sees someone throwing a cigarette butt on the grown?

21. Buy By Bye

What’s your father’s job? What does your father do?

I like books by………..

Is it easy to say “good-bye” to your classmates?


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