home in Thailand

A Home in Thailand



teak enjoy father-in-law
clean outside mother-in-law
vase mixed build/built/built
doll stuff (2) blessing
real inside living room
wood play (2) make use
niece nephew important
Sikh indeed feel/felt/felt
dine temple come/came/come
cozy found spend/spent/spent (2)
use religion channel (3)
place tea time quality time






Bangkok, Charansanitwong Road

Laksna Sighmahaboon

Come on in. I would like to show you my living room. Yeah, here is where my family and I live. We all live together, the four of us: here is my husband, and there is my father-in-law, and there is my mother-in-law.

I am an English teacher.

This is teak wood in Thailand. Usually most of the houses are built with teak wood, so our house is just like one of them.

Shoes stay outside

That is the good thing for women; they don’t have to clean the house too often.

So the vase there, we got it from Dubai. yeah my father-in-law and my husband have been traveling a lot to places so we usually get all kinds of stuff from many countries.

Here this is the doll that we got from England, and the good part about this is like it looks very real, indeed. And when our nephew and niece come over, actually my nephew, no actually my niece, she usually plays with it, and she loves it.

Here is the painting of the founder of our religion. This is a very important piece of the family because this seems like the blessing for everything that happens in our family. Wherever we go, whenever we come back from anywhere, it’s just his blessings.

We got married in the temple in the Sikh temple . . . yeah, it was a happy day — the happiest day of my life. Yeah almost two years already. Things still feels the same.

When all of us are together at night when my father-in-law and my husband comes from work, my mother-in-law would be cooking by then. And then we all dine together inside by nine o’clock.

And then from there, we would come straight to the living room and watch TV together, spend a quality time together. That’s how we spend our time, and make use of our cozy living room. And we all watch movies together on Indian channels: songs, movies, news, anything.

So this is our tea time — we usually have it together, Indian mixed.

We really enjoy showing you our living room. We do everything in here and hope
you enjoyed it too. Bye.


*     *     *     *     *     *     *



1. Laksna, the host, lives with her mother, father, brother and sister. Or she lives with her husband, son and daughter. True or false?

2. Is she a taxi driver?

3. Laksna’s house is made of bricks. Is this right or wrong?

4. Do they wear their outdoor shoes indoors, or do they take them off?

5. The family travels a lot. Is this correct or incorrect?

6. Was Laksna’s happiest day when she graduated from school?

7. Do they spend their free time playing computer games?


A. Is your house made of wood, bricks or concrete?

B. Where you live, do people remove their shoe inside homes (like in India), do people keep their outdoor shoes on (like in America)?

C. I live with my mother, father, sister and brother. Is this correct or incorrect?

D. Do you like to travel a lot and collect things from overseas?

E. I like to sit in the living room and watch TV. Yes or no?

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