home in rio

A Home in Rio



decide come in if you like
pure design work it out
pride purpose made from
mill hardly pick out
plank at least sand down
edit lumber come back
get to area (2) role model
bundle still (2) delicious
alter import actually
stuff corner who’s who
deity rocket sweet (2)
allow no way somehow
equal typical take care





Mick: Hello. You’re here. Come in. And if you like, I can tell you about our Bavarian-Brazilian living room.

It’s not so typical in Brazil to have a computer in the middle of the living room like we do, but I work from home. I’m a designer.

And whenever we have Brazilian guests over, their first question is “What’s this computer doing here?”, because in Brazil, the living room normally serves a purely social purpose.

I’d say it’s a mix of German and Brazilian design because most of the things you see here I built myself when I was still in Germany, and then added the Brazilian pieces.

Our pride and joy is this dining room table, made from really thick planks. I picked them out in an old lumber mill. They were at least ten centimeters thick before they were sanded down.

It’s huge…you can hardly lift it. This is my editing area. I work as a graphic designer and one of my role models is…Josef Boise.

Why did I come to Brazil? I’d say for love.

Patricia: Hello I’m Patricia and I’m glad to get to come home to a man who cooks me something delicious.

I lived in Germany for a long time and met Mick there. But I always wanted to move back home to Rio de Janeiro. And when I actually decided to come back, Mick wanted to come too. And that was really great for me.

So I imported him. And then his child Ledi. And Julian is my child. So we bundled everyone up and came to Rio.

That’s our family. That’s the four of us. I don’t really know who’s who, but that’s the four of us.

This is my alter. It’s my corner where I put stuff that’s just mine. I think it’s really sweet. It’s nice. I have my stars, my brother, that’s my deity, and my rocket.

It’s my corner in my home.

If there’s something I don’t like, it’s not allowed there. No way.

Mick: Yeah we work it out somehow.

Julian: It’s a democracy here: everyone’s equal.

Mick: Well take care everybody.
Patricia: Come see us in Rio. Chus.

* * * * * * *



1. Both Mick and Patricia are from Brazil. Is this true or false?

2. Brazilian homes usually have a computer in the living room. Is this right or wrong? What is the living room for?

3. He bought the table from a furniture store. Is this correct or incorrect? What’s Mick’s favorite furniture? Describe it.

4. Mick works outside and Patricia is a homemaker (housewife). Yes or no? What is Mick’s profession?

5. Did they meet online? Is this the first time both got married?

6. Did Patricia felt homesick in Germany?

7. Who is who on the art work?

8. Is Patricia Catholic? Yes, no, maybe?

9. Are the parents very strict?
A. Do you know of mixed or inter-ethnic couples?

B. I work from home on a computer. Yes or no? Does your friend work from home? Would you like to work from home on a computer?

C. Are you from Brazil? Do you live in Rio de Janeiro? Have you ever been to Brazil?

D. Have you met people from Brazil? Who were they? What were they doing?

E. Describe the climate and geography of Rio.

F. Describe the economy of Brazil. What does it import and export?

G. What are some problems or challenges facing Brazil?

H. What is Brazilian food like? Describe Brazilian cuisine.

I. What are some tourist attractions (cultural, historic, natural)?

J. What comes to mind when you think of Brazil? What do you associate with Brazil?



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