The Home-Cooked Meal




roar pin-point motorcycle
road garden homemade
fresh greens home-cooked
lake hospitality hospitable
local so far (2) seems to be
full nice (2) think/thought/thought
meal amazing eat/ate/eaten
juice prepare nice to meet you
invite refreshing meet/met/met
follow delicious make/made/made
bit (3) long (2) good/better/best
yet try/tried Bon appetit
road macaroni come/came/come


Video (8:30 to 12:00)




We asked some locals for a restaurant . . . they said, “Follow us.”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Seems to be full.

I think we are going to eat at his house.

Noraly, Traveler: “Hi. Hi. I’m Noraly. Nice to meet you”.

Noraly, Traveler: “Look at this amazing meal. There is vodka. There is bread. This they make themselves. And this is from the garden, I think also. And this is some fish.”
Host: “Sevan.”

Noraly, Traveler: “Sevan — ah from Sevan Lake.”

And then they have homemade juice which is really really nice super refreshing. I can’t really pin-point what it is made from, but it is super delicious.

So yeah; best meal so far in Armenia. I have not been here very long, but this is really, really nice. And they are so friendly, we try to communicate a little bit.

So Bon Appetit.

And more food is coming.

Noraly, Traveler: “This is egg? Bak, bak, bak!”

Some eggs, and salad she made and this is egg with, I think, tomato or something.

So more food is coming and coming. Now we also have this. I haven’t tried it yet; it looks like macaroni.

Noraly, Traveler: “And this? Shoesam?”

So going to try that also. There is just food coming and coming. It is amazing this is super super delicious.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Noraly, Traveler: “Spasiba. Thank you very much. Dasvidanya. Bye. Bye.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



Tour, Package Tour. In the beginning, two people were walking in a park. True or false? Were they traveling in the country, a town or city?

Travel, Journey. The two travelers found a place to eat online. They found a place to eat though an app. Is this right or wrong?

Road, Street, Off Road. Did they have a meal in a fancy, deluxe restaurant? Did they have lunch with old, long-time friends?

Tour Bus, Intercity Bus. The meal was prepared from ingredients the host bought from a supermarket. Is this correct or incorrect? Was the fish caught in the ocean? Did the man catch the fish from the ocean?

Train, Railway. What did the host serve to her guests? What did the travelers eat?

Jet, Passenger Airplane. Could they speak to each other? Could the hosts speak English? Did the travelers speak Armenian?

Ferryboat. Did the visitors enjoy the meal? Did they have a great experience? Did they pay for the meal?
Cruise Ship, Cruise Liner. I have eaten meals in other people’s homes. Yes or no? Have other people eaten at your house?

Bike, Bicycle, Cycling. Have you been invited to have meals in the houses of strangers? Have strangers invited you for meals in their homes? Does this normally happen in your town or region or is it rare?

Car, Automobile. Who are friendlier and more hospitable, people in cities, towns, villages or the country or farms?

Accommodation, Hotel, Motel, Hostel.
Are people in your city, town or region friendly and hospitable to strangers or outsiders? What places or nations are friendly or hospitable to strangers or outsiders?

Bed and Breakfast, Guesthouse. What might happen in the future?

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