Home Alone




alone grocery for a while
clean hyper make sure
fun whole to myself
allow turn on normally
jump Oh gosh magic powers
hope theme That’s a close one
skit magic  natural (2)







Mother: “Heather?”
Heather: “Yeah.”
Mother: “I’m going to do some grocery shopping, so you’re going to be home alone for a while. I want to make sure this house gets perfectly clean, okay?”
Heather: “Okay.”
Mother: “I’ll be back around five. Bye.”
Heather: “Bye.”

Yes! Now I finally have the whole house to myself!

This is going to be SO much fun!

I have an idea: FOOD!

Let’s see . . . what is there to have that I’m normally not allowed to have?

Oh. Oooooo!

Okay, I think I’m all set for now.

Now … I … am … really … hyper.

Okay, whose bed am I jumping on first?


Woo . . . I am okay.

Let’s turn on some more music.

Oh gosh. It’s already 4:50. My parents are going to be back in ten minutes. And this house looks like a wreck because of me.

Oh no.

Well, let’s see if I can use my magic powers.

Okay, on to the next room.

Oh, oh.

Okay, on to the kitchen.

Oh no . . . Oh my gosh — they should be here any minute now.

I have to act natural.

Mother: “Hi Heather, I’m back.”
Heather: “Oh, hey.”
Mother: “What did you do while I was gone?”
Heather: “Nothing much.”
Mother: “Oh, alright.”
Heather: “Phew. That was a close one.”

Hey guys, it’s Heather, and as you can tell, this week’s theme was “home alone”.

I really hope you guys enjoyed my skit of being home alone. To get a possible shout out next week, comment down below the types of things you do when you’re home alone.

Here are the shout outs from my last video.

Home alone!

Thank you so much for watching. You can see me every Sunday on Seven Perfect Angels.


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1. Heather’s mother went to work. True or false?

2. Was Heather happy, sad, angry or lonely that she was home alone?

3. She ate spinach, salad, and other vegetables. Yes or no? Does she normally eat ice-cream and pastries?

4. When she’s home alone, does she sit still and read a book?

5. Heather laid on a bed and slept. Is this correct or wrong? Jumping on beds is fun. Yes or no? Is jumping on beds good, bad, not good or not too bad?

6. Is the house quiet or noisy when Heather’s home alone?

7. She cleaned the house in the beginning. Yes or no? Was cleaning the house hard work or very easy?

8. Did Heather tell her mother what she did?


A. Do people behave the same or differently when they are home alone? Why would most people behave differently?

B. What are some things that your friend does when he or she is home alone?

C. Can children stay at home alone? At what age can children stay home alone?

D. Do some children stay home alone? Why are they home alone?

E. People prefer to stay home alone. What do you think?

F. What will happen in the future?

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