home 2


The Living Room

living room guests


sofa armchair TV/television
rug carpet bookcase/bookshelf
lights lamp heater/radiator
switch fireplace coffee table
paint painting air conditioner
pictures wall paper electric socket


The Floor and Walls

1. We have the latest, flat-screen TV. Yes or no?

2. Who painted the pictures in your house?

3. Describe the pattern of your friend’s wall paper.

4. How often do you paint your walls? What color are they?

5. Describe the color, texture, and patterns of your carpet.

6. Does your friend have an oriental (Turkish, Persian) rug or carpet?


7. We have a sofa-bed. True or false?

8. My father sits on his armchair and reads the newspaper every evening.

9. Is there a bookcase full of books in your living room?

10. Does your home have radiators, heaters, and, or air conditioners?

11. Do you have children and baby pictures on your bookshelf?

Fire, Light, Electricity

12. “Read in proper (good) light.” Does or did your mother tell you this?

13. I have a lamp on my bed-stand (bed-table). Yes or no?

14. My friend’s home has a fireplace. True or false?

15. I sometimes forget to switch off the lights. Yes or no?

16. The voltage of our electric socket is………
How often does the electricity go out?

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



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