hold on hang on keep on

10. Hand in, Hold up

Iron out, Jump all over



Grow up Grow up Go out with
Goof off Go with Go well with
hand in hand over hand out (2)
jack up hang on (3) jump all over
have fun hold up (3) have to do with
iron out hang up (3) hang around (3)





Go out with, Go well with, Go with

83. Go out with: have a date with.
“Did you hear the news?!? What happened?” Who said this? Who were talking? Do employees in your company gossip? Do they go out with each other? What are some popular places for couples to go out on a date?

84. Go well with: matches together (clothes, colors)
Anything goes well with blue jeans. Yes or no?

85. Go with: to be in a steady relationship.
The football star is going with the model. Is this “typical”? Do men and women of different ethnicities, social-class, personalities, political and social views go with each other?

Goof off, grow up (2)

86. Goof off: to idle, not work, play around.
“You’re goofing off! Stop goofing off!” Who said this to whom? Why did he or she say this? In which occupations, companies or departments do employees often goof off?

87. Grow up: go from being a child to an adult.
Mike grew up in a rich household. Diane grew up in a middle-class family. Jeff grew up poor. How does this influence their adult lives?

88. Grow up: to start acting like an adult, responsibly.
Some people have not grown up yet. True or false? Do you know anyone who hasn’t grown up yet?



Hand in, hand out (2), hand over, hang around

87. Hand in: give your teacher your homework, assignment.
Keith didn’t hand in his homework. Why didn’t he hand in his homework? What did he say? In which professions require reports to be handed in? In what format are these?

88. Hand out:
to distribute, give out.
I often see people handing out flyers in my city? Yes or no? What are these flyers? Does your company hand out flyers? My friend once handed out flyers. Yes or no?

89. Handout: welfare money, donated food, clothes.
Hand outs in my country are generous. True or false? Do hard up persons depend on hand outs or family support? How do people feel about handouts?

90. Hand over: to transfer or surrender something.
The owner of the company will hand over control to . . . . More daily functions will be handed over to a computer. What do you think? Can you give examples?

91. Hang around: to loiter, stand around talking.
Where do (young) people like to hang around? Many people hang around . . . .
Is this good, bad, both, neither?

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