A Hairdresser



enjoy free time cut/cut/cut (2)
quite change (2) far/farther/farthest
free (2) to and from drive/drove/driven (2)
salon (2) hairstyle take/took/taken
relax spend time get/got/got-gotten
socialize go shopping think/thought/thought
balance (2)


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Hannah is a hairdresser. She cuts hair at a small hairdressing salon called Philosophy. Five hairdressers work at the salon with Hannah. They cut both women’s and men’s hair at Philosophy.

Hannah enjoys her job as a hairdresser.

Hannah, Hairdresser: “I like my work; I like changing people’s hairstyle.

I usually work from nine until half-past-five. On Thursdays, I work from nine till seven, and on Saturdays, I work from nine till four o’clock. I don’t work on Fridays or Sundays.”

Hannah doesn’t drive, so she takes the bus to and from work.

Hannah, Hairdresser: “I live quite far from work — sometimes it takes two hours on the bus to get to work.”

When she’s not at work she likes spending time with her family and friends.

Hannah, Hairdresser: “In my free time, I like to go shopping, relax, socialize with my friends . . . and I don’t think about work. I think I have a good work-life balance.”

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Barber, Hairdresser, Hairstylist. What is Hannah’s job? What is her profession?

Baker, Confectioner. Does she work at the Mystique Hair Salon?

Bus Driver, Truck Driver, Deliverer. Is Hannah the only hairdresser there? Does she work alone?

Construction Worker, Builder. Hairstyling is a difficult, grueling and tedious occupation. Is this correct or incorrect? Is hairstyling a hard and boring job?

Plumber, Electrician, Carpenter. Hannah works from 9 in the morning till five in the afternoon, Monday to Friday. True or false?

Mechanic, Machinist. Hannah comes to work by the city train. Is this right or wrong? Is it a quick commute? Is it a quick ride?

Electronics Technician. In her freed time, does Hannah usually surf the internet, watch TV and go to the cinema?

Computer Programmer, Software Engineer, IT Expert.
Who cuts your hair? Who styles your hair?

Cook, Chef, Waiter, Waitress. Are there many barber shops and beauty salons in your town, city and country? Is hairstyling a popular occupation?

Receptionist, Chambermaid, Porter, Bellhop. Are people very proud of their hairstyle? Are people very conscious about their hair?

Accountant, Finance Manager. My friends and I want to be barbers or hairstylists. Yes or no?

Engineer, Architect. What hair styles are popular now for men and women? Have hairstyles changed over the years?

Doctor, Nurse, X-Ray Technician.
What might happen in the future?

Lawyer, Attorney, Paralegal. Should people be fixated with their hairs?

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