h1b visa obama

H1B Visa, Barack Obama


President Obama talks to a voter about engineering jobs.


submit (2) experience lay off
permanent field (3) government
continue issue (2) extend
ton tons (2) speciality
huge demand obviously
different civil engineer for example
enough to build building
infrastructure should State of the Union
construction architects bridges
and so on specialize demand
high-tech skilled resume
forward vary basic
now popular corporation
what kind semi-conductor word (2)
be able to right away reserved
only particular apply (2)
position follow up trouble
get/be placed encourage boost
manufacturing appreciate response
take you up



1. What happened to Jennifer’s husband? How does she feel?

2. There is a huge demand for engineers in America. True or false?

3. Is there a very great demand for civil engineers? Why or why not?

4. Where is there the greatest demand for engineers?

5. What did President Obama tell Jennifer to do?

6. There is an irony in this situation. Yes or no?

7. What is the role or purpose of the H1B?

8. The president said he was going to follow up on this. True or false?
A. There is a demand for engineers in my country. Do you agree? If yes in which field?

B. Is there unemployment in your city?

C. Should your country invite more engineers?

D. Do companies prefer to hire locals or foreigners? Why?

E. Would you like to have an H1B visa to live and work in the US?


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