h1b visa kaku

H1B Visa, Machio Kaku


The physicist Machio Kaku talks about the H1B visa.


agree disagree esteem
First of all let me say engine
is the engine of prosperity steam
steam power laser You’ve had your say
Can I have my say? transistor Let me have my say
industrial revolution revolution (2) information revolution
weak weakness precise
science graduate graduate(s)
compete regular Third World
Third World countries How come establishment
collapse produce generation
dumb dummy (2) stupid
index rise network
network television real reality
reality show secret weapon
forget valley Silicon Valley
genius visa Ph.D.
candidate foreign foreign born
magnet suck brain
go back Oh, my god remove
wall Wall Street Wall Street Journal
edit editorial congress
congressman high level take away
create entire heel
Achilles’ heel again homegrown
sociology major (3) determine
future physics engineer
irony agree immigration
issues of course argue
against complete completely
point the point nature (2)
human human capital miss (2)
missing poor (2) poorly
run (2) exception regard
run through introductory Illinois
Wisconsin Michigan freshmen
sophomore flunk operation
boot boot camp surprise
STEM course make a point important
regard distort insensitive
undermine ability




1. The people all agree with each other. True or false?

2. Do they interrupt each other?

3. According to the speaker, the engine of prosperity is…….

4. What is the weakness of the information revolution?

5. The educational system is the best in the world. Yes or no?

6. Do young people prefer to study or watch reality TV?

7. America’s secret weapon is…………..

8. If there was no H1B,

9. Are there many Ph.D. students in the US? What percent of all candidates do they make up?

10. When foreign students finish their studies, they stay in the US. Yes, no, yes and no?

11. What is Silicon Valley? Where is Silicon Valley?

12. There are many US job applicants for the top high-tech jobs. True or false?

13. What did a congressman say?

14. Do foreigners cause unemployment for Americans?

15. What is the main problem with the US?

16. Why aren’t there many Americans studying STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) subjects

A. Many people from my country live and work abroad. True or false? If true, where do they live and work?

B. Are there many immigrants/foreigners/expatriates in your country? Where are they from? What do they do?

C. There is a shortage of skilled workers in my city or country. True or false? If true, in which areas?

D. Should your country open its doors to foreign workers?

E. Is there a glut of university graduates in my city. Do you agree?

F. Is the educational system of your country good, bad, or in the middle?

G. How could your country’s educational system be improved?


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