h1b visa bill gates

H1B Visa, Bill Gates


Bill Gates talks about the H1B visa program.


capital (2) capitol Capitol Hill
founder claim firm (2)
foreign visa even though
H1B visa domestic (3) outsource
criticize policy congress
failure pass (2) immigration
reform in his words force (2)
relocate outside fawn
members of congress desire challenge
hire disturb genius
money talks Forbes Magazine rank
hero hero’s welcome committee
proud model (3) role model
reasonably the rest of us notice
witnesses contest to contest
testimony importance retain
in the way stand in the way current
annual limit skilled
seek / sought / sought face (2) severe
shortfall scientist engineer
expertise develop generation
next generation break breakthrough
represent rank and file guild
charge (3) concern necessary
increase global competition
competitiveness lower meanwhile
nail nailing down close (2)
net (3) net result critic
downward pressure wage
fuel fueling frustration
 sense of frustration among know-how
prosperity ship (2) ship
offshore unfortunately mention
hope broadcast misstatement
cluck hen amazing
public servant public servant
elect represent constituent
challenge accuracy perspective
preponderance utterly stupid



1. The news report takes place in Washington, D.C. True or false?

2. Does Bill Gates criticize anything?

3. What does Bill Gates advocate?

4. How did members of congress regard Gates?

5. The congressmen opposed Gates. Yes or no?

6. What does Gates say about the 65,000 H1B limit?

7. Does everyone agree with Gates?

8. What does the journalist say about Gates?

9. What does he say about the congressmen?

10. Who do you believe? Where do you think the truth lies?
A. Are there foreign workers in your country? Where do they come from? What do they do?

B. Our country needs more foreign workers. Yes, no, or yes and no?

C. Is there a shortfall or shortage of skilled, educated workers?

D. Many people from my country emigrate or work abroad. Yes or no?


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