guiness bread

Gogarty’s in Dublin


John bakes Guinness bread.


institution mid-day snack
place hear here
pint visit/visitor slice
form healthy as you can see
product it’s made from it’s made of
ingredients flour wheat
milk nice tasty
snack butter wonderful
just dash brew
stuff dough dark
light (3) by the way tipsy
most no matter no matter how much
alcohol evaporate oven
slow fast process
bake degrees half
sort jam one and a half
all all day breakfast
toast lunch supper/dinner
smoke salmon cost
tangy flavor character (2)
guest simple characteristic
difficult complex good for you
easy bon apetit good/better/best





1. Gogarty’s only serve Guinness. True or false?

2. You can not only drink your beer but eat it too. What does this mean?

3. What are some of the ingredients of Guinness bread?

4. How long has Guinness been brewed in Ireland?

5. The bread is dark colored. Why is the bread dark?

6. If you eat lots of Guinness bread, you will get drunk. Yes or no?

7. How long is it baked in the oven?

8. What can you put on the Guinness bread?

9. How much does the snack cost?

10. What kind of flavor does the bread have?

11. Name ten things and some activities from the video.
A. Is bread an important part of people’s diet? Is bread a staple food in your country?

B. Describe the most popular types of bread.

C. What are some interesting or exotic types of bread?

D. What are some popular snacks or meals in your city?


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