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Google, II

by Craig Ballantyne


still (2) plot (2) consultant
hope retire diagnosis
stash evil redundant
nest error eliminate
profit argue (2) depend on
unless mortgage disappear
soul slaughter bottom line
tribe require valuable
brain heartless persuasion
fuel leverage advantage
niche scroll extensively
phrase compel starve


Bad News

There is BAD news for those of you with a job. If you’re a teacher, consultant, IT specialist, a factory worker — or even a DOCTOR — then hopefully you are over 50 with a good pension program, and a retirement nest egg stashed away . . .

. . . because there are two evil men in California plotting to destroy your jobs.


Introducing Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

In ten years time, Google will have made millions of jobs redundant.

From self-driving trucks and drones to online medical diagnoses, Google is on a mission to eliminate all human error — and human employment — while making a huge profit.

Google is not even trying to hide it.


They are happy to contribute to the destruction of the American Dream and the disappearance of America’s Middle Class.

Brin and Page recently argued that “less work would be a good thing”.

Unless of course, you depend on your job to put food on the table and pay your mortgage.

Meaning and Purpose in Life

Work also provide a sense of meaning and purpose in life (psychologists report that people are often happier at work because of the challenges it provides).

The bottom line is that a traditional life has NO defense against the “Big G”. It feeds on anything. It’s going to be a slaughter, like Germany vs. Brazil, 2014.


But there is hope.

You must Choose Yourself, as James Altucher says in his book of the same name. That’s right, only YOU will be able to save yourself.

What does this mean?

Hearts and Brains

It means that you will have to learn valuable skills. These include copywriting, storyselling, persuasion, and tribe-building. And each one of those talents requires both brains and hearts.

Google can’t compete with these. It’s heartless. This is where you still have an advantage.

Use Google Against Itself

You can even leverage Google against itself!

First, start by using Google to extensively research your marketplace.

Second, search Google to find out the best-selling products in your niche.

Third, scroll through Google data to see what your audience is searching for, and find out the exact phrases that make them buy.

Fourth, take that data, create an awesome product, and use your heart and soul to create compelling sales copy that persuades your market audience to join your tribe and buy your product.

Fifth, learn how to advertise on Facebook — not The Big G — and starve the Google system of the fuel that keeps it alive.

Yes, Google is making jobs disappear. But you can use it to your own advantage and beat it at its own game!


*     *     *     *     *     *     *


1. Is the beginning of this article optimistic or pessimistic about the future?

2. Give examples of jobs that may become redundant. Why might they become redundant?

3. “Less work would be a good thing.” Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

4. Is there hope? What are some things that Google cannot perform?

5. What does the author suggest?
A. I know someone who has been made redundant by the internet. True or false?

B. Do you know anyone who has profited from the internet?

C. How could you profit from the internet?

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