google at 20 one

Google Turns 20, one



allow firm (2) acquisition
search target (2) network (2)
IPO model (3) rise/rose/risen
expand share (3) search engine
mobile pioneer make up ground
app ground make up (3)
release android worldwide
worth against data center
protect standard transformation
gender push (2) responsibility (2)
employ diversity collaboration
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Video: Google Turns 20, one



Google’s business model is simple: users searching the internet tell Google about themselves, allowing Google to sell targeted advertising to businesses.

The firm IPOed at eighty-five dollars ($85) a share in 2004, and quickly rose in value.

New products like Google Mail, and acquisitions like YouTube expanded Google from a search engine into an online network where users could shop or find news.

As the mobile internet and apps began to rise, Google moved to make up ground to pioneer Apple, releasing the Android Operating System and App Store.

Today, Google employs more than eighty-five thousand (85,000) worldwide, and is worth more than seven-hundred billion dollars ($700 billion). It has fifteen data centers around the world.

And that’s part of the problem — information is increasingly seen as something to protect. Tech firms are being held to new standards of social responsibility.

And inside Google, there are pushes for gender diversity and against collaboration with governments, like the US or China.

So a lot of transformation in only twenty years.


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1. Google’s business operation is very technical and complicated. True or false?

2. Has Google’s rise been meteoric? What might have happened if you had bought a Google share in 2004? If I had bought a Google share in 2004 . . . .

3. Google has stuck with only engine search technology. Is this right or wrong?

4. What numbers or figures were mentioned in the video?

5. Everyone loves Google, their story, their services, their mission. Is this entirely correct, mostly correct, yes and no, in the middle, it depends, somewhat false or completely false?

6. What are some controversies surrounding Google?

7. Has Google evolved and changed a lot since 1998?


A. Google is my homepage. Yes or no? How much do you use Google? How often do you use Google? What are some examples?

B. What might happen in the future with Google?

C. Google has become too big and powerful. What do you think?

D. Are there some secret or dark sides of Google?

E. How should people and governments deal with Google?

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