Gomorov Knife Show

The Gomorov Knife Show



act (2) take it (2) meet/met/met
luck watch (2) dangerous
amazing good luck oh my gosh
spin heart (2) knife (knives)
realize feels like spin around
series oh my god feel/felt/felt
job (2) move (2) know/knew/known
brave terrifying think/thought/thought
chance humongous


Video 1




Judge Amanda: “Hello. Who do we have here?”
Andrei: “My name is Andrei.”
Daria: “My name is Daria.”
Judge Amanda: “And where are you from?”
Andrei: “Belarus.”
Judge Amanda: “And what are you called?”
Andrei: “Gomonov Knife Show.”
Judge Amanda: “How did you meet?”
Andrei: “Before this act, we danced together: professional dancer, me too.
Judge Amanda: “Amazing.”
Judge David: “Is what you are going to do dangerous?”
Andrei: “Very dangerous.”
Judge Amanda: “Okay. Good luck.”
Andrei and Daria: “Thank you.”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .


Judge Ayesha: “Oh my gosh!”
Ant and Dec: “What? From there?”

Ant and Dec: “I won’t watch!”

Audience Member: “My heart can’t take it.”

Ant and Dec: “It wasn’t dangerous enough. And now, a spin around.”

Judge Ayesha: “Oh my god.”

Judge Amanda: “I don’t like it!”

Ant and Dec: “I can’t watch!”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .


Judge Simon: “A part of me wants to do that because I want to feel how it’s like.

I said I want to do that.”

Audience Member: “I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

Judge Simon: “Can I?

I don’t know why . . . ”

Ant and Dec: “Simon, you realize this is Series Thirteen? Series 13!?!”

Judge Simon: “My God!”
Audience Member: “I can’t watch.”

Judge Ayesha: “Simon, please, just don’t move.

Oh my God!”

Ant and Dec: “Good luck!”


.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .


Judge Simon: “Great job.”

Judge Ayesha: “That was very brave.”

Judge Simon: “Why I wanted to do that was because I wanted to feel what it was like. It IS terrifying.

Let me give you your first ‘yes’.”

Judge Amanda: “It’s a ‘yes’ from me.”

Judge Ayesha: “It’s a ‘yes’ from me.”

Judge David: “You could have killed him when you had the chance. But, that is a humongous ‘YES’!”

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



1. Both Andrei and Daria started knife throwing together as children. True or false?

2. Is their act safe?

3. In the first act, did Andrei throw the handled-stars from the stage, or from the judge’s table?

4. Describe the second act. How did the audience react?

5. “Simon, you realize this is Series Thirteen? Series 13!?!” Why did Ant and Dec say that?

6. “Oh my gosh. Oh my god. I can’t watch. OHHHHHHH!” Why did the judges and audience members say this?

7. How did the judges vote? Did they say “yes” or “no”?


A. I can throw knives and axes. Yes or no? Can your friends throw knives and axes?

B. Have you seen knife throwing performances?

C. I have seen very dangerous performances.

D. What might happen to Andrei and Daria?

E. What sort of performances would you like to do? What performances do you wish you could perform?

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