go back to your country one

Go Back to Where

You Came From



vote symbolic lawmaker
unfit (2) represent House of Representatives
support condemn xenophobic
hurtful offensive comment
demean disgrace people of color
disgust shameful up to them
repeat offensive occupant (2)
oval countless stand/stood/stood
release tweet (2) oval office
series target (2) progressive (2)
defend impeach stand by (2)
support majority minority (2)
tone article (3) follow (2)
approve move (2) motion (2)






It was a symbolic vote and one easily approved by the Democrat held House of Representatives. But four Republicans and one independent also supported the motion to condemn Donald Trump for making xenophobic statements.

Sheila Jackson Lee, US Representative (Democrat): “We condemn their hurtful and offensive comments that demean immigrants and people of color.”

Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House (Democrat): “These comments from the White House are disgraceful and disgusting. And these comments are racist. How shameful to hear him continue to defend those offensive words, words that we have all heard and repeat, not only about our members but about countless others.”

Ted Lieu, US Representative (Democrat): “We are America; America is a nation of immigrants. We are not going anywhere — America is our home, and many of us will still be standing here long after the occupant of over oval leaves.”

Earlier this week, Trump released a series of tweets attacking progressive female Democratic politicians saying, they should “go back to their countries.”

His unnamed, but understood target: four outspoken non-white lawmakers, all US citizens. Trump is standing by his comments.

Donald Trump, US President: “It’s up to them: they can leave; they can stay. But they should love our country. And they should work for the good of our country.”

Senior Republicans are supporting their leader.

Mitch McConnell, US Senate Majority Leader (Republican): “Well the president is not a racist. And I think the tone of all of this is not good for the country.”

Following the vote of condemnation, Texas Democrat Al Green introduced articles of impeachment against Trump, saying the president was unfit for office, another symbolic move unlikely to succeed.

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1. US President Donald Trump made racist tweets statements. Is this entirely true, largely true, in the middle, yes-and-no, neither, it depends, mostly false or totally false?

2. Did only journalists and commentators condemn Trump? Did they express themselves via Twitter?

3. Were condemnation universal or largely based on political views and party affiliation?

4. Trump specifically, explicitly named those he told to “go back to their countries”. This this right or wrong? Why did he say this?

5. Some lawmakers did not criticize or condemn Trump is this correct or incorrect? Do they want to move on and forget about all this?

6. What has a Democrat leader done? Will it go through?


A. Do you think Trump is a racist and xenophobe?

B. In your country, do some people sometimes tell others, “Love it or leave it.” Or “If you don’t like it here, quit complaining and get out.” Or “Go back to your country.” Or “If you don’t like it here, move to Cuba, North Korea or Iran.”

C. Do you know of other politicians similar to Trump?

D. How do minorities fare in your country? They have complete equality, there is no discrimination, there is some discrimination, or there is lots of discrimination?

E. Have some or many people immigrated or moved your city or country for whatever reason?

F. Have some people from your city or country moved to other places for whatever reason?

G. What might happen in the future?

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