get rid of get up go with grow up

9. Get rid of, Give up

Go out with, Grow up



get by get rid of get around to
get on get off (2) get out of
get up get over go out with
give up goof off grow up (2)
get out get rid of get into (2)
go out





Get on, Get off (2), get out, get out of, get over

73. Get on: to board a bus, plane, train, or ship.
What happens before passengers board an airplane? Before passenger can get on an airplane,
Does anything happen when elderly persons get on a bus?

74. Get off: to leave or exit from a bus, tram.
Jeffery didn’t have a bus ticket. What happened to him? Where do most commuters get off in the morning? Where do tourists get on and get off from a bus?

75. Get off: to avoid punishment.
Neal was able to get off spending time in prison with a small fine. Why was he able to get off lightly?

76. Get out: to escape a house, building.
What did Heather’s father say to her scruffy, bummy boyfriend? Jill and Matt saw the walls shaking and swaying. What did they do?

77. Get out of: avoid having to do an obligation.
Most poor households consist of single mothers and their children. Why? I would like to get out of . . .

78. Get over: to recover from an illness or bad experience.
After about a week-and-a-half, Philip got over his illness. How did he do it? How do you get over failure in a exam or project or a relationship?



Get rid of, get up, give up (2)

79. Get rid of: to discard, dispose, throw away, destroy.
How do people get rid of their trash? How should they get rid of their trash? How can people get rid of anxiety or trauma?

80. Get up: to leave bed after sleeping.
What time do you usually get up? Do you get up at the same or at a different time on Saturdays and Sundays?

81. Give up: to surrender; to quit a project, undertaking.
“Never give up! Never, never give up!” Who said this? What does this mean? Give examples. Should people give up on certain endeavors? What should governments or businesses give up?

82. Give up: quit a habit (smoking, alcoholism, drugs).
After seeking a specialist, Tony gave up smoking. How did he (or the specialist do it)? Is there a habit you or your friend would like to give up?

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