get by give up goof off

8. Get by, Get off, Get up

Give up, Go out, Goof off



get by get rid of get around to
get on get off (2) get around (2)
get up get over go out with
give up get out of grow up (2)
get out get rid of get into (2)
go out get across get along with
goof off






Find out, get across, get along with, get around (2)

63. Find out (about): to be informed; hear something new.
Nowadays everybody can find out about anything anytime. Is this correct or wrong? How can you find out the absolute truth?

64. Get across: to make understood, clear
I can get my message across in English. Yes or no? Can experts get their ideas across to you in English? What is the best way to get a message across to as many people?

65. Get along (with): be on friendly terms; have good relations
Do you get along better with your friends or your family and relatives?

66a. Get around: to avoid doing a requirement.
Is it possible to get around paying taxes? How do organizations get around expenses and rules?

66b. Get around: to go from place to place.
How do people get around in your city? People get around by . . . . . How should people get around?




Get around to, get by (2), get even, get in, get into

67. Get around to: to find time to do something.
When should you get around to writing a report or studying for an exam?

68. Get by: to pass by, pass through.
Danny got by the movie ticket checker unnoticed. Why did he do this?

69. Get by: to survive or live minimally.
I’m getting by with a job at McDonald’s. How do people get by in difficult situations?

70. Get even: to get revenge.
Valery got even with Ray. Why did she get even with him? What had happened? What did she do? The best way to get even with someone or some organization is to succeed. What do you think?

71. Get in: enter a car.
Claire got in a flashy, sports car. What can you say about her?

72. Get into: become interested or involved in an activity.
Tricia got into yoga and alternative medicine. What happened next?

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