gerunds two

Gerunds, II


Main Verbs That Go With Gerunds

Verb + gerund          Verb + gerunds or infinitive 
enjoy begin
look forward to start
don’t mind continue
can’t stand *stop
finish love

* Has a different meaning depending on whether a gerund or infinitive follows it.


• At 10:15 everyone stopped to take a coffee and smoke break.
• I stopped smoking after some sessions with a therapist.
• Yalcin remembered to meet his girlfriend at the town square.

• His grandmother remembered hearing stories about a shipwreck near her home when she was a little girl.
• Mr. Gabriel tried selling cosmetics door-to-door.
• Their real estate agent tried to sell their house; but the market was saturated.




Respond to the following sentences or answer the following questions. Say why and give examples.

Remember, Tried

13. I clearly remember attending kindergarten, first and second grades. Yes or no?

14. Does your friend remember kissing someone for the first time?

15. Have your friends tried selling cosmetics (health supplements, magazine subscriptions, gym memberships, encyclopedias)?

16. My coworker tried finding a wife (husband) on the internet. True or false?

Start, Stop, Continue

16. You should stop _______________ and begin _______________.

17. Should your (former) company or (old) school stop doing anything? Does your company or school need to do anything different?

18. What should the government stop doing? What should it/they start doing?

19. I wish some people would stop _________________, and start______________.

20. What must your colleague continue doing in order to succeed, get promoted or make more money?

21. At last, my friend has finished ______________________.


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