german farmhouse

A Farm House in Germany



herbs maypole heart (2)
upper made of all in one
wood symbol consecrate
feast practical supposed to
burn idealism strike/struck/struck
bell alpine Assumption
push valley instead of
shed estate move around
stove feed (2) strike (2)
burn pasture lightning






Reitham, Germany

Village maypole, symbol of spring

I’m Francine Neubauer. I’m a farmer. I live in the heart of upper Bavaria. I’m glad you’re here. Come inside.

This is our kitchen and living room. The kitchen is a living room, work room and office, all in one.

These are all made of different kinds of wood.

We’re a Catholic family.

These herbs are consecrated on the Feast of the Assumption. When the weather is bad, you burn a bit of it. It’s supposed to protect you from being struck by lightning.

My husband got this bell from his friends for his fiftieth birthday. We’re farmers. The bell is used when the cows are brought back from the summer alpine pastures. The pastures have belonged to the estate since the fourteenth or fifteenth century.

They don’t have enough feed here in the valley. So the animals have to go out to pasture up on the mountain. It’s also healthier for them. It means that they can move around instead of standing in the shed.

Husband: “The work has become easier, but there’s an idealism to it. You do many things because that’s the way it’s always been done.”

Wife: “We’ve got the best stove in the world. In the early morning, it’s still a little warm in the kitchen; that’s practical.

Whenever I cook on the electric stove I burn the food. But here, I can just push it to the back and it stays warm. It’s ideal.

Come by again some time.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


1. The Neubauers are engineers for Volkswagen. True or false?

2. Is their kitchen very versatile?

3. What kind of decorations do they have? What are they made of?

4. Are there (frequent) storms in their region?

5. Do the cows just stay in the barn?

6. What do they use bells for?

7. Which does Francine prefer, a modern or traditional stove?


A. I am a farmer. Yes or no? Do you know anyone who is a farmer?

B. Are there mountains in your area?

C. Have you visited a country house or farmhouse?

D. What is your favorite room?

E. What are some decorations in your house?


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