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German Cars in China



growth record (2) double-digit
sector premium dominate
context attractive love affair
fancy display status symbol
fume local stick/stuck
lottery vehicle registration
permit tailpipe emission
plug plug in hybrid (2)
battery priority gasoline
lack so far charge (3)


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German car makers are in a very good position at the Beijing motor show: they’re enjoying double-digit growth and record sales.

Volkswagen, Audi, BMW and Mercedes dominate the premium sector.

And the Chinese love affair with the automobile is still going strong.

German businessman: “We think China’s economic development is going to continue to be positive. Growth will be a bit lower than in the past few years, but it’s still very attractive.

In that economic context, the car market will continue to grow.”

Cars are a status symbol for many Chinese. Those who have money like to display it with a fancy car . . .

Even if it’s mostly stuck in traffic.

Adding fumes to the heavily polluted air.

Local governments are using lotteries to limit new vehicle registrations. In Beijing, only one in ten residents who want a car, will be permitted to get one.

German businessman: “Naturally we’re watching this with concern, but we’ve reacted to it.

And as you saw today, we’re offering plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles. Those vehicles are emissions-free at the tailpipe.

And we know the Chinese government will react positively.”

Batteries for short drives; gasoline for long ones.

Plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles get priority in new vehicle registrations. But they’re more expensive and so far, there’s a lack of charging stations.

It will take time before clean cars win over Chinese buyers.


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1. Every year, do German automobile companies sell about 8% or 12% more cars each year?

2. In the future, will car sales in China increase, decrease or remain flat (the same)?

3. Many Chinese have to buy a car. Is this correct or wrong? Why do many Chinese want to buy a car? Is it mostly for practical purposes?

4. Everyone in Beijing can and will buy a car. True or false?

5. Are German businessmen happy about government regulations? What is the solution for them?

6. What are the advantages (pluses, benefits) and disadvantages (minuses, drawbacks) of plug-in and hybrid cars?
A. Describe the automobile situation in your city.

B. Should more people buy and drive more cars? Why should or shouldn’t more people drive cars?

C. What are some alternatives to driving cars?

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