A Home in Tbilisi


Kacha invites viewers into his home.


welcome please come in
hope like (2) here
every inch young/younger /youngest
flat (2) apartment old/older/oldest
grade already basic
main room socialist
express root (2) classic
kitchen obvious Soviet Union
I’d like grow grow up
circumstance be going to good/better/best
philosophy not bad reflect (2)
problem past present
remind living room where we come from
space (2) next to window
deserve of his own sister-in-law
private public run/ran/run (3)
keen painting even
her own souvenir all the best to you
sometimes sell great
help not bad finance/financial
hope enjoy visit
come again always happy
guest best





1. How many children does Kacha have?

2. All the children are students. True or false?

3. what’s their main room? How does he describe it?

4. His oldest son shares a room with the youngest son. Yes or no?

5. What is their hobby?

6. Where did they learn it?

7. What does the oldest daughter do?
A. Is it easy or difficult to find work where you live?

B. Are you from Georgia? Do you live in Georgia? Have you ever been to Georgia, or the rest of the United States?

C. Have you met anyone from Georgia or another part of the US? Who were they? What were they doing?

D. Describe the climate and geography of Georgia.

E. Describe the economy of Georgia. What does it import and export?

F. Does have any problems or challenges?

G. What is the food of Georgia like? Describe Texan cuisine.

H. What are some tourists attractions (cultural, historical, natural)?

I. What comes to mind when you think of Georgia? What do you associate with Georgia?

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