geography geology

Geography and Geology


Vocabulary relating to geology and geography.

rock stone boulder
sand dirt soil
mud clay gravel
pebbles minerals ice
iceberg glacier alpine
metal quicksand peak
ground surface underground


A. Hard Materials

1. Hard Rock and Heavy Metal is very popular in my city/town. Do you think so?

2. My friend collects precious stones and rocks. True or false?

3. There’s a boulder in our area. There’s a legend about it. Yes or no?

4. Many roads in rural areas are gravel or dirt roads.

5. Does your country have lots of mineral deposits?

B. Soft Materials

6. In school we make/made clay potteries, sculptures, and other objects. Yes or no?

7. Did you use to make mud pies, cakes, and castles when you were a kid?

8. What should you do if you step in quicksand?

9. Can the soils of your town grow anything?

10. I prefer to live in alpine areas; not by the sea. Yes or no?

C. Other

11. Glaciers are melting and shrinking. Is this good or bad?

12. What can you say about icebergs? Explain and give examples the expression “It’s the tip of the iceberg.”

13. How do people feel when they have climbed and reached the peak or top of a mountain? Have you reached the peak of your career or profession?

14. I rather live on the seventh floor than on the ground floor of an apartment block. Yes or no?

15. Submarines are more dangerous than surface ships. True or false?

16. Many homes have underground shelters or bunkers. Why?

17. The opposition went underground. What does this mean?



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