Gallo Pinto (Beans and Rice)




main level (2) capital (2)
chef hearty above sea level
saute typical whip up (2)
real take out available
boss prepare green onion
chop dish (2) ingredient
spice whip (2) order (3)
bean fry/fried give/gave/given
mix bit (2) give/gave/given
add various classic (3)
flavor unique lie/lay/lain
sour tortilla delicious
up to cream make/made/made
taste try/tried know/knew/known
prefer head (3) eat/ate/eaten
grill plantain good/better/best
treat cultivate country (2)
adopt deliver bake/baked/baked
folk root (2) customer
rural chance traditional
moist miss (2) seasoning


Video: Costa Rican Breakfast



The Costa Rican capital, San Jose, lies some one-thousand, one-hundred and seventy meters above sea level.

Its city center is home to the restaurant Nuestra Tierra.

The Establishment

Here they’ve been whipping up traditional Central American dishes for over twenty years, including a real classic.

The Boss

Ronald Munllos, Head Chef: “Today, I’ll show you how to prepare Gallo Pinto.”

Head chef Ronald Munllos, starts by sauteing chopped onions with some garlic. Then come the main ingredients, rice and beans. Mix everything together and fry it. Adding green onion and spices give the gallo pinto its signature flavor.

Ronald Munllos, Head Chef: “You can prepare it in various ways. Some people like it when it’s still a bit moist. Others prefer it to be fried a little more.

Now we need a little cup. We’ll use it to put everything together. A tortillita is a must. And some fried cheese.”

A fried egg is also part of this hearty breakfast.

Costa Rica’s national dish is served with a tortilla, fried cheese, fried plantain, and sour cream.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Here they make up to a up one-hundred-and-fifty orders of gallo pinto each day. And it’s not just for breakfast.

The “Chicos” as Costa Ricans are known, like to eat this rice and bean dish for lunch and dinner too.

All of the meals served at Nuestra Tierra are also available for take out. But they taste best hot off the grill.

The Customers

For Berna and Maricien Aralla, gallo pinto is always a special treat.

Marician, Customer: “It’s a country breakfast that’s been adopted by city folks, because Costa Rican society is basically rural.

We still cultivate these traditions: that the milkman delivers the milk, and that you go to the baker’s to buy tortillas. Those are all deeply rooted Costa Rican traditions.

Berna, Customer: “Gallo pinto is delicious because of the different seasonings. It has a really special taste that is typical for and unique to Costa Rica.

So if you’re ever in Costa Rica, don’t miss the chance to try gallo pinto for yourself.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



Legumes, Beans, Peas. San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica lies along the Pacific Ocean. True or false? Do most residents travel on foot or by donkey and mule?

Garlic, Onions. Does the Nuestra Tierra restaurant resemble a McDonald’s or other fast food restaurant? Describe the interior of the restaurant.

Chives, Leeks, Spring Onion. It takes many hours to cook gallo pinto. Is this right or wrong? What are the ingredients of gallo pinto?

Bell Peppers . Do customers eat only the gallo pinto, alone?

Cabbage, Brussels Sprouts. Business is slow at the Nuestra Tierra restaurant. Is this right or wrong?

Radish, Parsnip, Turnip. Do the customers think gallo pinto is just an ordinary meal, or do they love it?

Broccoli, Cauliflower. Has Costa Rica become completely globalized, Americanized and urbanized?
Eggplant. What decorations are displayed in the restaurant? How is the restaurant decorated?

Zucchini. In my town, city and country, people eat garlic, beans, rice, green onions, eggs, flat bread, sour cream, cheese and plantain (savory banana). Yes or no?

Tomato. What are some popular meals or snacks in your country?

Squash, Pumpkin. My friends and I would like to own, manage or work in a restaurant.

Parsley, Dill. Are there Mexican, Brazilian, or other Latin American restaurants in your city?

Celery. What might happen in the future?

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